The Other One

While everyone else's attention may be firmly fixed on a certain pregnant member of Destiny's Child (it's just a baby, it's not going to come out of the womb singing and/or rapping you overexcited fools) my focus has been on new X Factor judge Kelly Rowland.

Cheryl's designer clad feet have barely left the judging panel, and already Kelly is stealing her style crown - way before the live shows and the spectacular frocks. Her quirky and cool outfits combined with THE most shiny hair to have ever graced a television screen are a far cry from some of the tacky coordinated disasters that appeared in the DC days.

My favourite so far has been the yellow blazer ensemble, having a penchant for a nice bit of tailoring and a bright colour, it was a perfect example of relaxed, effortless style.
While I definitely won't be sporting the killer heels around campus, (or ever) and bare legs would get frostbite in this weather, this look could easily be adapted to suit the recent chillier climate with some black opaques. There's now less than a month until uni starts again and, being on a fashion course, sporting a stylish first-day-back outfit is about as essential as having a pen and paper. Adding another blazer to 
the collection will definitely be on my back-to-school agenda, especially with the ol' birthday coming up (I like money).

Anyone who buys me this necklace would have my eternal love and gratitude.


It's A Beijing Thing

So it's been a while since I've really thought about my impending trip to China at the beginning of next year. Although I am HUGELY excited about it, it's still not really sunk in yet. Maybe once I part with the remaining £798 it might become a bit more of a reality... Having only been on a plane once (making the not-so-lengthy journey to the exotic destination of Spain) it's going to be a bit of a shock to the system being in the air for nearly 12 hours. My sympathies go out to my friends and travel companions, who will have to put up with me jumping around like a five year old in the airport and oohing and aahing out of the window every ten minutes. If they're considering getting a nice little nap in on the plane, they can think again ;)

Anyway, I hadn't really given it much thought until I was reading this month's issue of Marie Claire. I was flicking through when I got to the 'Fashion Cities' feature. There were the usual suspects, London, New York and Milan, and then I came across a page which filled me with excitement. 

'China's Fashion Revolution. Walk down the street in Beijing and you'll more Pradas per paving stone than anywhere else in the world. Welcome to Fashion's newest capital.'

Of course, it's hard to have the mildest interest in fashion and not be aware that the East has always had a prominent influence on runways and designers across the globe. But it's usually Japan that is spreading its quirky and original concepts overseas, from the first designers bringing their innovative clothing to Paris in the late 80's, to the Harajuku girls of the streets of Tokyo becoming style icons and Gwen Stefani's new best friends. Now, China is pushing forward into the consciousness of the fashion world. Having had a little peek on Lookbook, it's clear to see why this is the case:

I'd better get saving for my spending money now...

Seoana xoxo


Now You See It...

Since McQueen launched his optical illusion dress in s/s 2009, other brands and designers have been creating garments that use colour and pattern to dazzle the senses. There's no need to sweat it out in the gym, or cut out all those carbs to achieve the perfect hourglass figure or knock off a few pounds, a cleverly designed dress can do it for you. We're not talking spandex panels or hidden corsets, using fabric in an intelligent way can trick the mind into seeing what is or isn't there. 

Kate Winslet recently stepped out in a figure-hugging Stella McCartney design, that emphasised her slim build and nipped her in in all the right places. 

She isn't the first celebrity to use this clever cheat though, as I have noticed:

(Apologies for the shocking cropping, since my Photoshop licence ran out it's been a constant battle with Paint to produce anything of a half-decent quality)

Although a designer dress may break the bank balance, it's still a cheaper and much less painful alternative to cosmetic surgery.

I haven't seen any high-street versions as of yet, but I'm sure it won't be long until they're offering us the perfect figure for under fifty quid.

Seoana xoxo


Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

After being alerted to this news story by my dad, and seeing as it coincided perfectly with today's events, I felt it was necessary to share it.

John Mosley raised £2,000 for charity by having this 'Where's Wally' themed tattoo of his home-town of Norwich across his back. It took a spine-tingling 24 hours to complete and features 150 different characters, including Darth Vader and a pair of Roman soldiers.

Having had my first tattoo a while ago, I'd been itching to get under the needle again. Yes, I may turn into a pale, quivering, nervous wreck when faced with having one tiny pin-prick for a blood test, but the idea of being stabbed with ink fills me with nothing but glee. Endless hours in front of the TV  have also led to a mild obsession with the 'Ink' TV series'; Miami Ink, LA Ink and London Ink, following the work of three tattoo studios and their artists. Watching people getting masterpieces etched across their bodies on a daily basis has only fuelled the need for more of my own, and having bribed my parents into funding any new additions in exchange for my cooperation in the doctor's surgery, I had settled on my designs and was ready for more of that pleasurable pain.

A quick trip to the tattoo studio to query an appointment led to me having not one but two more tats. Pictures will appear at some point, once the layer of bepanthen and cling film is removed. 

It's strange to think how socially acceptable tattoos have becomes in the last decade, everyone from teachers to pensioners are getting them these days. No longer restricted to the biceps of sailors, or making a statement across the pale skin of punks, it's as easy to get inked as it is to get a new hair cut or pierce your ears. It makes me wonder what the next step is for body modification. You can change the colour of your skin, and as Lady Gaga has recently demonstrated with her bizarre facial horns and shoulder implants, the shape of it. We can dye our hair, change the colour of our eyes, and alter any part of our body that we don't deem to be acceptable with plastic surgery. How long until we're having face transplants in our lunch break? With science and technology offering us more opportunities for change as the years tick by, will human's even appear as we know them in a hundred years time? 

I guess I won't be around to find out, so I can only imagine. A world full of Gaga-esque pointy-faced freaks? Maybe I'll be glad to be gone...

Seoana xoxo