You've Been Gone For Too Long

Well, this is strangely familiar.

My keyboard was once a dear friend to me, but now it has become an adversary, mocking me as I stare desperately at it trying to form words and sentences. The dark days of non-blogging have rendered me a writing dunce, with only a few measly ideas for posts floating around between my ears.

Virgin Media, I accuse you of murder - you have killed my blog. You swines. If any of you are seeking a reliable, helpful internet provider, DON'T go with Virgin. They'll swipe your money, lie to you, and leave you heartbroken and poor without even the faintest of internet signal to comfort you. 

So yes, since moving into my new house (69 Clunge Castle as it has been affectionately named by Laura) I have been stuck in a hideous internet-less existence. I could only weep as I had to accept the fact that I only had Sky TV and the friendly and familiar face of Noel Edmunds to keep me company. 

But anyway. Those days are behind me. After a fifty quid phone bill I have accepted that mine and Virgin's relationship is over. I'm moving on. Or, more accurately, going back to an old relationship, that of O2 and I. He never let me down, and he was cheap.

Soo... what's been occurring.
I moved house.
I got a 2:1 for second year.
I worked a disgusting amount. 
I went to V.
I had an anaphylactic shock after coming back from V, resulting in my face swelling to about three times the size of normal. 

After being pumped full of steroids and hiding away in my bedroom for a week, my face is restored to it's former glory(?) Now I'm being treated by the doctors surgery and the hospital to find out what the devil I'm allergic to. I've actually just returned from having a blood test, bleurgh. I may have had a tattoo no problem but having blood drained from my arm left me crying like a baby about to puke on the nice nurse. Being bribed with another tattoo courtesy of my rents did make it slightly more bearable though.

Enough of that, on to the fun things.
V was bloody awesome. Asides from a small and very sudden torrential downpour (thank you to the charging tent for supplying me and Alix with waterproof ponchos) the weather was perfeccct, and I saw everyone I was hoping to. For those of you with nothing better to do, they were:
Wretch 32, Aloe Blacc, Bruno Mars, Example, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Chase and Status, Ellie Goulding, Good Charlotte, Plan B, N Dubz, The Wombats, The Script, Rihanna & Eminem. 

For those of you who like visuals, here are some lovely images:

There were so many highlights, the whole thing was pretty much one big sunny highlight. Moments of particular joy were: the silent disco on Friday night (sweaty but awesome), Bruno Mars and Aloe Blacc's smooth moves, dancing (well, jumping) to Chase and Status covered in glow stick juice, Jessie J and her mini-me version, and of course - Rihanna and Eminem's duet. Oh, and sneaking booze in in my wellies was a personal triumph for me. 

So now summer seems to have pretty much wandered off to another continent, and there's only a (whole) month left until it's back to uni to start my third year. Gag. But in the meantime myself and everyone I know (baha) has the glorious event of my 21st birthday to look forward to. Fancy dress is mandatory, of course, with the horror theme specifying that all guests must have fake blood somewhere upon their persons to enter.

I'm going to go demand more sympathy from my mother, and start working on my costume ;) Top Secret except to a privileged few, of course.

Seoana xoxo