Dust Bowl Dance

There has been another tragedy. 
Another death, in fact.
My iPod, god rest its tuneful soul, passed on last night.
It wasn't a shock, ever since the control pad had stopped working I knew it was on its way out. But it held on longer than any of us could have hoped for, still delivering music into my ears (all be it completely randomly, with no option to choose what to listen to).

There was another and more mourned loss that went with its demise though.
All of my music, every album and song I had bought/illegally downloaded/stolen from friends over the past 3 years is gone. My life's soundtrack is no more. The days will be silent, filled only with the sound of my gentle weeping.

Just kidding, I'm not quite that pathetic. Instead, I begin the long and arduous task of restocking my iTunes. Starting alphabetically, I will once again have a complete musical history of my life.
I'm on A.

In other less melancholy news, the quest for music led me on to thinking about the glorious musical extravaganza that will be V Festival 2011. And more importantly, what the heck I'm going to wear to it.

For me, it's a case of bringing as few clothes as possible, so it's vital to make choices that will be versatile and grime-proof. Grass and ketchup stains are not the fashion statement you wanna be making.
The first time I went I bought enough outfits for a week, little realising the traumatic journey I would have to make through the campsite to find a pitch, lugging a large suitcase with me. 
I will never make that mistake again. I don't think my back would forgive me.

So yes, less is definitely more. A pair of shorts can be transformed with a different top and accessories, so why bring more than one pair?! 
Festival virgins may rush out spending their pennies on Hunter Wellies in a sickening array of dazzling prints and colours, but most times they won't even be needed. It makes good sense to have some just in case (Reading last year also became known as Mudfest because of the slurry it became after a bucketload of rain) but don't part with tons of your cash for them.

This post has got me thinking about a 'Festival Essentials Guide', which I will do nearer the festival season. Thumbs up for planning ahead!

But in the mean time, here are two little looks I put together, of what I would be buying for this summer's events if I had a limitless supply of cash.
Come pay-day that MTV top will be mine, and I'm seriously considering a pair of cherry red Dr. Martens too, a good investment no? They'll last forever!

Look One
Look Two


Blackberry spies

1) Frosty Jack & Black 'cocktails' at Prue's 2) The helpful policeman 3) The view from the roof of a cafe in Hamble 4) A dinner comparison, mine on the left & Bob's on the right 5) My spotty nails 6) Nelson, my dog

I thought it'd be nice to include more photos from my mundane and (usually) totally uneventful existence, as seen through my Blackberry, with the aim of summing up the week. 
This first collection is filled with lies unfortunately. The cocktails were taken at Prue's birthday pre-drinks which was weeks ago, and the picture of Nelson is probably the first photo I took when I got my BB. Also, the policeman is the one who attended the car crash I was in with my nan, which was last Saturday, as was our trip to Hamble.
Sorry dear readers, but at least I am honest.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough snaps for this weeks post, but from now on I will make a conscious effort to photograph anything that is remotely interesting. In quite poor quality and with a very unsteady hand of course.
So much to look forward to! 

I had to share the evidence of mine and Bob's meals this evening, because I don't think they could be more opposing in nutritional value.
My healthy little number consisted of salmon, new potatoes in a parsley butter and a colourful selection of vegetables. Yummy, and kind on the figure.
Bob's dinner/breakfast has definitely put him at risk of some sort of coronary disease, I could practically hear his arteries being clogged with fat as we munched. 4 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, 4 hash browns, 2 slices of toast, and a whole tin of beans. 
Was I jealous? HELL NO! I was content with my vegetables, and my protein and...the health...

If a bacon sandwich just happens to jump into my mouth later this evening, I believe it will be the work of God rather than my ever-growing belly. 
He put pigs on this earth so that we may feast upon their smoked rashers of goodness!
Who ever said that religion created all the world's problems, I have just undoubtedly proved that it solves them.


Ghost Town

First and foremost, it's been 5 whole days and I haven't touched a Dominos. Going cold turkey has been tough, there have been moments where I've been tempted but I'm proud to stay I've stayed strong and pizza free. Long may it continue!

In other news, the boy-friend and I have become overwhelmingly obsessed with zombies. 
Since watching The Walking Dead (which we have now finished the first series of, and OMFG what an ending!!) we have gone crazy for all things un-dead. So much so that a trip to HMV resulted in the purchasing of an insane amount of zombie-themed DVD's. 

And that's only half of the comprehensive list we made of the most desirable zombie titles. So that's what we've been doing these past few days, as well as viewing some less death-orientated movies...

Although, to be fair, these 2 are only slightly less concerned with death. It's actually still a predominant theme in both. Hmm, perhaps it's death we're obsessed. with...morbid.
Let The Right One In is the original version of Let Me In, which was released last year and is based on a novel. It's Swedish, so was subtitled, and although most critics claim it's better than the remake, I actually preferred the American version with Kick Ass' Chloe Grace Moretz, mainly because I found her to be a much better portrayal of the character than her Swedish counterpart.

I also got my second Graze box delivered on Friday.

This one had Pina Colada (pineapple, mango and coconut), Cheddar Gorge (cheese cashews, salsa corn sticks and herb crackers), Jaffa Cake (hazels, orange raisins and dark chocolate buttons) and Fiery seeds (chilli pumpkin and sunflower seeds).

The fiery seeds were a bit too hot for my delicate taste buds, but everything else is yummy, especially cheddar gorge (I heart cheese).

Now it's unfortunately a rare early night for me, to get up for work tomorrow at 10.
Hopefully it's a better shift that last week, during which I got sent home after fainting with suspected concussion...oh the woes of a working life.


Skinny Genes

The lure of Two for Tuesdays was too much to resist. At 2am, the laptop came out and the Dominos was ordered. For the third day in a row. Big sigh. 
The one commiseration, I didn't finish it all. I left 2 of my 8 slices, and instead of eating them today I have kindly donated them.

That was the last time though. A new, healthier way of life begins today.
(The 30 cans of coke that were just purchased from Asda do not count. At just £8, it was economic sense right?)

In my bid to get skinny again I decided to sample some of the slimming shakes that are on offer. As I'm actually living the poor student stereotype at the moment and am desperately awaiting the next pay day, I went straight for the Asda version. 

Advertised as a meal replacement, it apparently contains all the 'essential vitamins and minerals' of a meal. And chocolate flavour, what's not to love!
While I certainly wouldn't be slurping it out of choice (it kinda tastes like really bad American chocolate) it's bearable, and may be an option in these desperate times. 
Tomorrow I shall be venturing into the dark world of SlimFast, to see if their offerings are any more tasty.

While I was there I also picked up some necessities. You can't beat a supermarket bargain!

Timotei Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner - £1 each
Original Source Golden Pineapple shower gel - £1
Clear skin deep cleansing facial wash - £1.60

Oh my god this shower gel smells so yummy. I love Original Source products, I definitely can't find better scented products on the market.

Now it's Apprentice time, then I'll be watching some of the DVD'S that were also purchased on the Asda run, Atonement and Tangled. Standard night in.
But this time I'll be snacking on fruit, and not Dominoes. 
Fingers crossed...

Hello Again

That's what I'll be saying to the Dominos delivery man very soon. I'm pretty sure it won't be long until we're on a first name basis, he'll probably even know my favourite flavour soon.
This 'healthy eating' plan has well and truly gone down the drain. It seems that as soon as I made a conscious decision to start being good and cutting down on le junk, I began to consume take-aways and chocolate with the same ferocity as a starving lion. 

I blame my sleeping pattern. Which in turn, I blame on the Xbox, and a growing pile of DVDs that just have to be watched. Waking up at around 3pm everyday means that dinner becomes breakfast, 12am becomes lunch time and by 3am we're scouring the web for places open to deliver us mounds and mounds of glorious, greasy food. I was just asked what this blog was about, when I responded the answer back was 'When are we having one?' Uh oh.

There should be a health warning that comes with going away to uni: As well as guaranteed liver damage and insomnia, expect severe weight gain that will inevitably lead to obesity.  

It's not like I don't have the opportunity to eat healthily. For breakfast (known to normal people as afternoon tea) I had some strawberries and an apple. For brunch (dinner) I had salad, jacket potato and hunters chicken. Quite good really. All to be ruined with a meat-infested pizza, dripping with melted cheese and washed down with full fat coke.

Luckily, my metabolism has meant that I've always been one of those bitches than can stuff my greedy face and still fit into a size 8. But I think as I'm getting older (sobs), that teenage trick isn't working anymore and I'm piling on more pounds than I have in my bank account. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I fear that soon I'm going to have to start...exercising. 
Eurgh, the word alone makes me gag. 
I'm gonna have to jump on this 30 Day Shred business that every blogger and her mother seems to be on at the moment. 
How did it get this bad?!

I will repent my pizza based sins. 

But come the early hours of the morning, as the birds are waking up and the sun is rising, I know that my fingers will be itching to type in that well-known address, and start the debate over which toppings we'll be having.

I think that I will just have to accept that this is my future...
(I just LOL'd at the fact that I made this picture 'large'. As if it wasn't enough already...)



The title of this post is so relevant to the weekend just gone, and not just because of The Rapture (which didn't happen, yay for being alive).

It had come to that time again when the cupboards were bare, the fridge was empty and the freezer was filled with nothing but ice. Time to phone for help - AKA the Nan. 
11.30 Saturday morning, I get picked up to be informed that before we could go to the hallowed Sainsburys I would have the pleasure of accompanying my nan and her sister to a grave yard. 

The sun was shining, it was the warmest day in more than 2 weeks and we were off to a grave yard. Hmm. I understand the need to visit such places, but considering it was to see the graves of 2 people I had only met once, when I was a mindless baby, I wasn't overly thrilled. But, my nan wanted to plant some new flowers (by which I mean she wanted ME to plant some new flowers) and considering she does keep me fed I didn't really mind. 

So there we were, just driving out of Southampton. We'd just stopped at some traffic lights when HELLO a car crashes right into the back of us. While we were on the way to a grave yard. On the day that the world is meant to go boom. I couldn't really help but see the funny side...

Thankfully no one was hurt, but my nan's car was pretty wrecked and the people in the other car couldn't really speak English or remember their insurance details. And seeing as I was the one with the mobile phone, I had to do all the ringing around to the police and the AA. Who, by the way, were the least helpful people ever and kept insisting we pay for a curtesy car when clearly, we needed to be towed OUT OF THE MAIN ROAD before we were concerned about that.

Luckily for us, the friendliest Policeman ever pulled over to help us, once the bumper had been prised off the rear tyres we were able to drive, all be it with a huge hunk of metal hanging off the back of the car. Oh the stares we got.

So that was that. I've never been in a car crash, so I guess I can cross that off my list of fun things to do before I die. 

The rest of the weekend has pretty much been taken up by watching The Walking Dead. Bob got a free LoveFilm trial with a Maccy D's so we decided to rent out the first series. By the way, I'd like to mention my hatred for Macdonalds Monopoly, the only thing I have ever won is a coffee. And I gave that to my mum.

It's an American horror show, taken from a graphic novel, and based on the well worn idea of a zombie apocalypse. It follows the story of a group of survivors, and is focussed on Rick Grimes, a small town sherrif. Seeing as I do love a good ol' gore fest (but hate the stuff in real life, oddly) it's pretty much the perfect show for me.

Asides from the glorious guts and divine mutilated corpses, the plot itself is really gripping and very tense, and I definitely found myself close to tears on a number of occasions and we're only up to episode 5.  It's one of the best shows I've watched in ages, just like an awesome horror movie but with a much more intricate plot and interesting cast. My favourite part so far - the group hacking up a zombie corpse and then dousing themselves in his innards, so that they smelt like the dead and could therefore walk through a horde undetected. The intenstine necklace is a trend I don't see catching on this A/W...
And here are some of my favourite zombies. My new aim in life - to be a zombie extra in a horror movie. I'm already working on my walk, now I just need to perfect the senseless groaning...


Stand and Deliver

I do love post. Seeing as my dad works in a post room of some sort (I've never really been entirely sure what he does. I like to think it's something cool and secret like MI5) I tend to get more post than my most. The majority of the time it's pretty yummy too, not edible paper or anything, but my mother loves baking therefore regularly sends me and my friends batches of brownies and biscuits. It's starting to make more sense why I balloon like a puffer fish whenever I go home to Essex for a while...

A few days ago, my boy-friend told me about Graze.com. They're a food delivery service, which cater especially in healthy snacks. For £3.49, every week you get a personalised box of  healthy goodies straight through your letter box. You can pick from over a 100 different options, ranging from crackers to flapjacks, seeds to berries. Or, you can order a specialised nibble box, created by the nutritional team to improve an aspect of your health or diet. 

After browsing through the different foods, you can select the ones that you love, and tell them which ones you hate, and they will pack you a box based on your preferences. They promise to give you more consistent energy, extra portions of fruit, and be better for you than a biscuit.

As the diet is going disastrously (I'm eating more than I did before, and it's all rubbish!) this came at a perfect time. I like seeds and fruit anyway, and with the first box being FREE and the next one just half price, I thought I'd give it a go.

I browsed through the site, noting the things I liked (anything with coconut) and the things I hated (olives, eurgh). When your nibble box is dispatched you get an email, where you can either choose to see what they've given you or wait for the surprise. I waited of course, who doesn't love a surprise!

The box itself is really sweet, and fits through the letter box so there was no worry of missing the postman! It came with 2 little booklets inside, one explaining the whole graze concept, and another which was personalised to me, with information on the nutritional value of all of my selections.

My first nibble box contained florentine, honeycomb flapjack, super berry detox (green raisins, cranberries, gojis & blueberries) and omega booster seeds (linseed, pumpkin & sunflower seeds).

I've had some of each and they're all really yummy, especially the honeycomb flapjack. As a snackaholic, this will be a much healthier option than a packet of crisps, and a nice variation too. The delivery service means I don't have to scour the supermarket aisles looking for something healthy while being tantalised by chocolate and other wicked treats. I'll definitely be getting another box next week, and as long as my student budget allows it, continue to get one regularly.

I've got a code for a free nibble box, so I decided to give it away to one of my lovely followers :) The first person to comment gets the code, simples! Just pop down your email address with your comment and I'll message you the voucher number. Happy grazing!


A pirates life for me

God bless Orange Wednesdays, for bestowing 2 for 1 cinema tickets upon the world. I must have taken advantage of this offer about 13918 times, and it is definitely the main reason I remain a loyal Orange customer, considering their overpriced bills and terrible customer service.

The fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series came out yesterday, featuring a much needed change in the line up. Thankfully Jack Sparrow remained in the central role, so I could once again be treated to Johnny Depp's glorious face. But gone is the brooding Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), who we bid goodbye to in the third film, as he was doomed to serve as captain of The Flying Dutchman for the rest of his days. The whiney Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), the female lead in the trilogy, has been replaced by a much more interesting and likable character, Angelica (Penelope Cruz).

I didn't really enjoy At World's End, so I was really hoping that the casting change in On Stranger Tides would give the brand a much needed boost. Plus, it was in 3D, which is always a winner and can make an average film seem much better.

The story is based around the hunt for the elusive 'Fountain of Youth', which is being heavily contested by Barbosaa, who is no longer a pirate and is serving King George (a hilarious Richard Griffiths who resembles a pig more than a human), The Spanish and DUN DUN DUN... Blackbeard. Who is being helped by his long lost daughter, Angelica, who is also the long lost lover of Sparrow. It's a small world in the realm of pirates!

It's a treacherous journey (isn't it just always), involving zombies and mermaids. Now we're not talking the Ariel kind, these creatures aren't sweet, they don't sing, and they're not friends with crabs and fish. While they are undeniably beautiful (all being played by models) these are some angry bitches, who like nothing better than to drown a nice sailor and then devour him.

The plot is interesting and for the majority of the time makes sense, unlike the previous film  which featured surreal dream sequences and a confusing story-line that left me baffled. Penelope Cruz's character injects the franchise with something fresh, and allows Johnny Depp's Sparrow a more worthy female contemporary to bounce off. The CGI of the mermaids is awesome, as is always the case with the Pirates' movies. The 3D makes for a richer, more exciting viewing experience, which emphasises the stunning scenery. While Blackbeard may not be quite the ferocious, bloodthirsty pirate that I had in mind, he is still an interesting addition to the story.

On Stranger Tides has definitely reincarnated the flailing Disney brand, and is one of the best films I've seen so far this year. My love for all things Piratey has been restored! Hello copious amounts of eyeliner and sea-salt curly hair this summer ;)


You little minx

So what happened to our summer then? This is not what May is about. I'm shivering in shorts AND tights as I stare out at a miserable grey sky. Cue buckets of rain.

In an attempt to brighten up my day and after treating Hector to a lovely clean cage I'm sat at my desk painting my nails. Unfortunately for me while I'm not totally lacking in creativity, I am not at all ambidextrous. So I can quite successfully decorate the nails on my left hand with a variety of clever patterns and pictures, however my right hand is always a disaster zone, with more polish on my skin that my actual nails. Thank god for Mr Barry M, who's nail effects has allowed me to give my nails the WOW factor with minimal effort.

While looking for nail inspiration (all be it ideas that I could never in a million years imitate on myself) I came across some amazing sets of talons. This isn't just a lick of polish, it's pure art.

OK, the length may be a tad impractical for daily life but these are so amazing! The Super Mario ones are so awesome, being somewhat of a gaming fan I would definitely get my geek on with these. 

I'm very excited for next year (well, July) because one of my new house mates Eveey is going to do a training course in Minx nails.
You've almost definitely heard of this recent beauty phenomenon which "extends fashion to your fingertips".
Everyone's favourite quirky fashionista and pop-star Katy Perry recently sported some 'romantic' nail art, which took the idea of carrying around a picture of your lover one step further...

They work like transfers, meaning you can have any image printed onto your fingertips. While I may not go around with my boyfriend's face on the ends of my hands, I'm looking forward to getting much more creative with my nails. 

I won't be putting David Cameron's face anyway near my hands though...

Being quite a thoroughly lazy person I usually wait until every speck of varnish chips away before I resign myself to getting out my polishes. Recently I've been a lot better on the upkeep, mainly because of the limitless free time I have now Uni has finished. It definitely can complete an outfit though, and complementing colours show that you've made that little bit more effort. Bring on coordinating nails with every outfit come third year, thanks in advance Eve! 

(All images sourced from good ol' Google)


I thought it was about time I gave my blog  a little spruce. A spring clean, if you will. Yes it's summer but I'm a little slow on the upkeep.

I nicked this from Hannah, and as I was at a loss as to what else to thrill you with this evening I thought I'd give it a go myself. Lazy blogger alert!

Age: 20 - 21 this year arghh
Bed Size: Double in Soton, single in Essex
Chore you Hate: Washing up! Bane of my life 
Dogs: Nelson the glorious little Border Terrier 
Essential start of your day: Cuppa tea! 3 sugars always
Favourite Colour: Depends on my mood. Black probably, such a closet goth
Gold or Silver: I used to hate gold but now I'm not really fussed
Height: Tall. About 5"8 p'raps
Instruments I play: My voice is the only instrument I need ;)
Job Title: Sales Assistant *yawns*/ student bum
Kids: Eww. No, never thanks
Live: Southampton, England, United Kingdom, THE WORLD
Mum's name: Debs
Nickname: Sean, Seans, Shezza B
Pet Peeve: Leggings worn as trousers. I DON'T WANNA SEE YOUR CAMEL TOE TA
Quote from a movie: "You shall not pass!" is the first one that I thought of lol
Right or left handed: Right BUT I play guitar left-handed. Not that I play it but...
Siblings: One Sister, Aislinn
Time you wake up: Urm... 3pm usually haha. This relates to 3 questions down
Underwear: This is such a strange question. I can't be bothered to check atm
Vegetables you dislike: Brussel sprouts. Such a typical childish thing
What makes you run late: Robert Seager
X-rays you've had done: Ahh so many, on my arm when I broke it (twice) many on my fingers/hands and a whole host of my head/jaw at the dentist
Yummy food you make: Everything I make is delicious ;)
Zoo animal: ELEPHANT! Or wolf :)

I hope you enjoy all of those thoroughly useless facts about yours truly!


Back to Black*

I am a terrible blogger.
To be fair, I do blame my life. It's been disgracefully uneventful. To say it's been boring would be a lie, I've done a lot of fun things. 
Had a standard Tuesday Bedford Place night out with the girls, during which Maisie pretty much destroyed her ankle and  a broomstick became our new best friend. 

However, thanks to my good friend Alix there is finally something worthy of a post.

Oh the humble carrot. Alix decided to purchase a kilogram of the bad boys and then bugger off back home for the weekend. So I was given the pleasure of taking them off of her hands.
Tons of carrot-infested salads were my first thought. But then I was like hold up, let's get creative Seoana. Switch on that dusty brain of yours and whip up some tasty treats.

And, not to blow my own trumpet, but I bloody did. 

Here is yours truly enjoying some glorious carrot and cheddar soup. At first, I was dubious about the flavour combo but seeing as cheddar is one of my favourite cheeses and cheese is pretty much my favourite food I thought I'd give it a shot. 
It was pretty easy, fry some onion and boil up your carrots and a potato in some chicken stock. I then blitzed the whole thing with some cheese, added some milk and seasoning and the perfect healthy meal! Which is a brilliant start to my new diet - SOUP. Tons and tons of soup. It was all going so well on day one (yesterday) until I was brought a cheese burger after a night out boozing. I literally inhaled it. Disappointing.

As my mother is a bit of a baking legend around these parts, I decided to do her proud and turn my hand to a spot of cake making. And with hundreds of carrots still littering the kitchen, what else but carrot cake?

Again, pretty darn easy. A whole lot of grated carrot, self-raising flour, some spices, raisins and an eggy-sugary-oily mixture. Whack it in the oven for 45 mins and voila. I iced it with an orange cream cheese and icing sugar concoction which is pretty tasty. YES the soup diet is still in place, but carrot is a whole lot healthier than chocolate right?!

*(This title has 2 meanings; 1, my manager told me I needed to 'brighten up my autumn work wardrobe' because I wear too much black. I.E. I am a massive goth. 2, my friend commented on how my life resembled Amy Winehouse's. Beautiful. Someone pass me the coke! Cola, of course)


It's a nice day...

...you know the rest.

Having not blogged in about a week and seeing as it was one of the biggest thing ever I guess I'll have to mention it.

I'll admit it, I did watch. You couldn't help but! I'd made no plans to but there I was, awake at about 11am with nowt else to do but gawp at all these people in fancy clothes like another 2 billion odd suckers were doing.

It was dull though. Once the whole 'Oh look at her dress, oooh it's a Mcqueen!' part was out the way I felt as bored as they looked listening to the hundreds of different priests blabbering on about whatever it is these religious people consider important. They were all so creepy looking, with really untamed facial hair. Surely they should have shaved or trimmed it or something?

I wasn't fussed about waiting to watch their 'first kiss' like so many other sad acts (no offence to you patriotic lot) so it was time to get my booze on for Southampton's very own student street party 'The Newcombe Road Royal Rave'.

To say it was insane would be an understatement. I've never seen so many people in one place at once. I've been to festivals so clearly that's a lie but it didn't feel anything like that. Primarily because apart from a few small speaker set-ups, people weren't all focussed in one direction, on one thing. They were everywhere, drinking, dancing, just generally loving life. I think for the majority of Sotoners it was the highlight of the year. The weather was perfect, no one was murdered or crushed into the pavement, a win all round.

And the subsequent article, once again cruelly destroying the reputation of Solent students.

Second year, done!
Sadly, there was no feeling of elation or relief, just a kind of 'Oh well that's over with now. Third year soon AHH!!'
I can't say I'm not looking forward to it, I am. Change is always good, and I'm looking forward to the units I've picked (Film and Changing the World - no, I don't really know what this is about it just sounded the coolest) but it's going to be a lot of work, that actually counts towards the ol' degree. Bad times. As long as I get a reasonably well-developed idea for what topic/magazine I'm going to write about/ for over Summer I'll be alriiiiight.

Finally, in much more exciting news, I got a nice little treat through the post today curtesy of mes parents, featuring an advanced copy of June's issue of Crafts Beautiful, with my ugly little mug in it.

There's my little introduction to the booklet, a project from it, and one of the pieces I did for the main magazine. Proud of myself! It feels so weird to see my name in an actual publication, and know that people are going to read it who aren't doing so because they are related/friends to me. Heck, they might even learn something!

Anyways, what to do with life now. I guess I could do tons of overtime at work, earn me some dollah. NAH. I think I shall spend my days reading countless books in the sunshine, sipping coke and eating junk salad. Cheers to my thrilling life!