Stand and Deliver

I do love post. Seeing as my dad works in a post room of some sort (I've never really been entirely sure what he does. I like to think it's something cool and secret like MI5) I tend to get more post than my most. The majority of the time it's pretty yummy too, not edible paper or anything, but my mother loves baking therefore regularly sends me and my friends batches of brownies and biscuits. It's starting to make more sense why I balloon like a puffer fish whenever I go home to Essex for a while...

A few days ago, my boy-friend told me about Graze.com. They're a food delivery service, which cater especially in healthy snacks. For £3.49, every week you get a personalised box of  healthy goodies straight through your letter box. You can pick from over a 100 different options, ranging from crackers to flapjacks, seeds to berries. Or, you can order a specialised nibble box, created by the nutritional team to improve an aspect of your health or diet. 

After browsing through the different foods, you can select the ones that you love, and tell them which ones you hate, and they will pack you a box based on your preferences. They promise to give you more consistent energy, extra portions of fruit, and be better for you than a biscuit.

As the diet is going disastrously (I'm eating more than I did before, and it's all rubbish!) this came at a perfect time. I like seeds and fruit anyway, and with the first box being FREE and the next one just half price, I thought I'd give it a go.

I browsed through the site, noting the things I liked (anything with coconut) and the things I hated (olives, eurgh). When your nibble box is dispatched you get an email, where you can either choose to see what they've given you or wait for the surprise. I waited of course, who doesn't love a surprise!

The box itself is really sweet, and fits through the letter box so there was no worry of missing the postman! It came with 2 little booklets inside, one explaining the whole graze concept, and another which was personalised to me, with information on the nutritional value of all of my selections.

My first nibble box contained florentine, honeycomb flapjack, super berry detox (green raisins, cranberries, gojis & blueberries) and omega booster seeds (linseed, pumpkin & sunflower seeds).

I've had some of each and they're all really yummy, especially the honeycomb flapjack. As a snackaholic, this will be a much healthier option than a packet of crisps, and a nice variation too. The delivery service means I don't have to scour the supermarket aisles looking for something healthy while being tantalised by chocolate and other wicked treats. I'll definitely be getting another box next week, and as long as my student budget allows it, continue to get one regularly.

I've got a code for a free nibble box, so I decided to give it away to one of my lovely followers :) The first person to comment gets the code, simples! Just pop down your email address with your comment and I'll message you the voucher number. Happy grazing!


  1. Looks interesting but I have such a sweet toothm I'd probably rather get the cakes from your mum! And the only thing I've had with coconut in recently is the new Ben & Jerrys : /


  2. Haha same! This healthy kick is proving very difficult :(

    :o Ben & Jerrys with coconut?! When did this happen??

    I've you over the code anyway, if you wanna give grazing a go! :) x


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