Hello Again

That's what I'll be saying to the Dominos delivery man very soon. I'm pretty sure it won't be long until we're on a first name basis, he'll probably even know my favourite flavour soon.
This 'healthy eating' plan has well and truly gone down the drain. It seems that as soon as I made a conscious decision to start being good and cutting down on le junk, I began to consume take-aways and chocolate with the same ferocity as a starving lion. 

I blame my sleeping pattern. Which in turn, I blame on the Xbox, and a growing pile of DVDs that just have to be watched. Waking up at around 3pm everyday means that dinner becomes breakfast, 12am becomes lunch time and by 3am we're scouring the web for places open to deliver us mounds and mounds of glorious, greasy food. I was just asked what this blog was about, when I responded the answer back was 'When are we having one?' Uh oh.

There should be a health warning that comes with going away to uni: As well as guaranteed liver damage and insomnia, expect severe weight gain that will inevitably lead to obesity.  

It's not like I don't have the opportunity to eat healthily. For breakfast (known to normal people as afternoon tea) I had some strawberries and an apple. For brunch (dinner) I had salad, jacket potato and hunters chicken. Quite good really. All to be ruined with a meat-infested pizza, dripping with melted cheese and washed down with full fat coke.

Luckily, my metabolism has meant that I've always been one of those bitches than can stuff my greedy face and still fit into a size 8. But I think as I'm getting older (sobs), that teenage trick isn't working anymore and I'm piling on more pounds than I have in my bank account. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I fear that soon I'm going to have to start...exercising. 
Eurgh, the word alone makes me gag. 
I'm gonna have to jump on this 30 Day Shred business that every blogger and her mother seems to be on at the moment. 
How did it get this bad?!

I will repent my pizza based sins. 

But come the early hours of the morning, as the birds are waking up and the sun is rising, I know that my fingers will be itching to type in that well-known address, and start the debate over which toppings we'll be having.

I think that I will just have to accept that this is my future...
(I just LOL'd at the fact that I made this picture 'large'. As if it wasn't enough already...)

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  1. Hahah story of my life1 Can never resist a dominoes.

    Helen, X


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