It's a nice day...

...you know the rest.

Having not blogged in about a week and seeing as it was one of the biggest thing ever I guess I'll have to mention it.

I'll admit it, I did watch. You couldn't help but! I'd made no plans to but there I was, awake at about 11am with nowt else to do but gawp at all these people in fancy clothes like another 2 billion odd suckers were doing.

It was dull though. Once the whole 'Oh look at her dress, oooh it's a Mcqueen!' part was out the way I felt as bored as they looked listening to the hundreds of different priests blabbering on about whatever it is these religious people consider important. They were all so creepy looking, with really untamed facial hair. Surely they should have shaved or trimmed it or something?

I wasn't fussed about waiting to watch their 'first kiss' like so many other sad acts (no offence to you patriotic lot) so it was time to get my booze on for Southampton's very own student street party 'The Newcombe Road Royal Rave'.

To say it was insane would be an understatement. I've never seen so many people in one place at once. I've been to festivals so clearly that's a lie but it didn't feel anything like that. Primarily because apart from a few small speaker set-ups, people weren't all focussed in one direction, on one thing. They were everywhere, drinking, dancing, just generally loving life. I think for the majority of Sotoners it was the highlight of the year. The weather was perfect, no one was murdered or crushed into the pavement, a win all round.

And the subsequent article, once again cruelly destroying the reputation of Solent students.

Second year, done!
Sadly, there was no feeling of elation or relief, just a kind of 'Oh well that's over with now. Third year soon AHH!!'
I can't say I'm not looking forward to it, I am. Change is always good, and I'm looking forward to the units I've picked (Film and Changing the World - no, I don't really know what this is about it just sounded the coolest) but it's going to be a lot of work, that actually counts towards the ol' degree. Bad times. As long as I get a reasonably well-developed idea for what topic/magazine I'm going to write about/ for over Summer I'll be alriiiiight.

Finally, in much more exciting news, I got a nice little treat through the post today curtesy of mes parents, featuring an advanced copy of June's issue of Crafts Beautiful, with my ugly little mug in it.

There's my little introduction to the booklet, a project from it, and one of the pieces I did for the main magazine. Proud of myself! It feels so weird to see my name in an actual publication, and know that people are going to read it who aren't doing so because they are related/friends to me. Heck, they might even learn something!

Anyways, what to do with life now. I guess I could do tons of overtime at work, earn me some dollah. NAH. I think I shall spend my days reading countless books in the sunshine, sipping coke and eating junk salad. Cheers to my thrilling life!

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