Sing For The Moment

It's that time of the year again!
Well, technically this doesn't start until July, but for me it begun today when I purchased my V Festival ticket!
To say it was a stressful procedure would be a hideous understatement - it was a sickening time in my life that I don't wish to repeat (but inevitably will next year).

Tickets were due to go on sale at 9am this morning, myself and Alix woke up at 8.30 to begin the frantic struggle for weekend camping passes.
We had EVERY site open, each one displaying the infuriating 'Server Busy, This page will refresh automatically' message.

An hour passed, and one by one each site flashed onto the next screen, displaying the message 'Tickets Unavailable'.
At 10.15 we had all but given up. Alix was busy doing a phone interview for a feature she's writing, I was staring at my screen, preparing to weep.

Then, See Tickets gave me a lifeline.
'Click here for travel packages and tickets' it said, beckoning me in to a world of hope.
TICKETS AVAILABLE! Just get a coach, and you shall go to the ball!

In the end we ended up paying for a coach package to take us from London to Hylands Park.
Quite a lottt more than the basic weekend ticket price, and also quite annoying as I actually live a twenty minute train journey from Chelmsford, so will in fact be making one of the most pointless journeys of my life into London and back to Essex.

Definitely worth it though.
I've been to V Fest before and I had an awesome time. The weather was glorious, and there's such a variety of acts you get to here the best of all your favourite kinds of music.
I cannot wait to adorn my wrist with a V Festival 2011, Yellow Camp, band to add to the many others that lay slowly disintegrating there.

(Excuse the greasyness, we were definitely front of the barrier for Lady Gaga at this point)

Is anyone else going to V? Or any other festivals?? Exciiiited???


  1. I've heard so many horror stories about trying to purchase V tickets! Very jealous, looks like a great atmosphere/I'd love to see Arctic Monkeys again

    Got tickets for the Isle of Wight fest and Bestival this year though, so can't wait!

    Lovely blog btw x

  2. It was succch a nightmare!!
    I've not seen them before so VERY excited! I hope they play some of their first album though, still my fav!!

    Ahh wicked, Isle of Wight's quite near me defo wanna give it a go next year!
    Have an awesome time :D

    Thannks lovely you too! :) x

  3. I love V fest, buying my ticket this year wasnt half as stressful as last year though!
    Such an amazing lineup this year, Rihanna and Eminem performing together will blow my mind! xx

  4. I know, they better duet!!
    I went in 2009 and got my rents to buy my then, so much easier!!
    So many good acts, verrry excited for Ellie Goulding and a bit of Chase and Status!
    See you there :) x

  5. I'm going to the one in Weston park and I'm so excited to see Eminem!
    Buying the tickets was extremely stressful for me also, but worth it!
    Teenage Daydreams

  6. Ahh wicked, hope you have a wicked time love :D
    It was awwwful, definitely gonna try and get the early ones for next time!
    S'gonna be awesome :D x

  7. You are so lucky to get tickets. I went through the exact same thing, but didn't get any. I'll have a look for the bus tickets though x

  8. I know, was such a nightmarrre though!!
    Yeah definitely give it a go, good luck! :)
    I heard rumours they held 30,000 back until nearer the time so maybs you'll get hold of one then!x


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