The Island

Oh the joys of Sunday! A real Sunday that is, I'm used to getting up for work at 9.30 every week so to have a holiday today was beautiful.
I had a deserved lie-in, and have spent the day lounging around watching cookery programmes and dabbling in a bit of work (which makes me very proud of myself!)

Anyway, Ross collected him camera today so here are some piccies from the Isle of Wight as promised!
I'm gonna include some of the ones taken on a previous day of filming, to show you how it can look quite pretty in the sun, minus a small hurricane.

The shop where I starred as 'Shop Girl'
The pub I had to walk past...several thousand times

Yarmouth Pier

The beach

The pier (on the day I went, rather gloomy)

The pier (a couple of days before, looking lovely)

General Yarmouthy scene

Crazy waves

The view from our precarious viewpoint atop a mountain

Crazy wind

My convincing 'walking'. I'm actually acting though ;)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


  1. Awww Yarmouth, that Harwoods store is the memory from my childhood, I love the dippy step! lol Lovely pictures, what was the filming for? xx

  2. Haha it's such a cute little shop, loved the little wishing well in it!
    Thanks love, it was for my housemates Final Major Project, he does Film & Television :) x

  3. such a pretty place, that wind does look crazy, the tree looks like it is going to up-root. love your bag in your acting piece x

  4. Omg it was craaazzy, we'd driven up this huge hill and the cars were rocking so bad, I got out and almost blew down lol!
    Thaanks, it was my mums! Can't beat a bit of family vintage ;) x


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