Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well, pretty much Monday now hey ho.

Back to work today -EURGH- but got a nice suprise, I've got the next couple of Sundays off! Had some leftover holiday which I've gotta use before April so that means some more Sundays to myself.

It's quite good timing actually, the pile of Uni work is ever growing and threatens to crush me at any moment, and with the deadline looming at the end of the month it'll give me a chance to finish/start the different assignments.

It also means that I can go to one of my best friends/ex boyfriend's 21st birthday soirees without the dreaded 9.30 wake up the next day, hoorah! Might take him for a nice meal if I'm feeling generous...and we're not too hanging of course. But with the infamous Kyptonites on the menu (a deadly alcoholic concoction of a flourescent green colour) it's probable everyone in attendance will be pretty dead come Sunday.

Now to conclude my Sunday/start my Monday I'm gonna enjoy a laavely hot chocolate (with whipped cream and mini mallows of course!) in my new Disney mug.

Hope you all had a good weekend :)


  1. I could use a cocktail instead of a hot chocolate =)

  2. Mmm the hot choc looks yummy!

    Lovely blog xxo

  3. love your mug :D x

  4. Fashion Nicotine: Ahh I'd never say no to a cheeky cocktail ;) Alas, there was no booze in the house at the time! :(

    Lisa: It was soo good, just had another :D Soo many calories but so worth it! Thanks lovely, you too! :)

    Emma: Thaaanks, I can't go in the Disney Store without buying something! And Aristocats is my fav :D

    Thanks for all the comments loveys :)

  5. that looks delicious!! Craving hot choc now!




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