Flip Reverse

Happy Pancake Day!

So even though I protested against pancakes (flat, undercooked Yorkshire puddings) I made some for my house mate Ross and Bob.
Bob supplied the toppings and went ever so mental, with a wonderful collection of treats that Willy Wonka would be proud of.

And then the fun began.

Bob expertly preparing the pancake batter

(Oh God, the state of our oven - cringe!)

And then came the moment of truth...the flip.

I was definitely the pro out of the three of us, unfortunately the only photographic evidence of this has also captured me looking like a pudgy faced devil (flash = red eye) so that will have to remain out of the public eye!

The results were pretty darn tasty. Granted, I only ate the toppings cos I don't actually like pancakes BUT they looked yummy!

Here are some of the finished results:
Bob's 'Masterpiece'

My choc-chip creation. Yes, I did only eat the chocolate chips :D

Now I feel utterly sick but content that two of my bezzies enjoyed their pancakes :)

Hope you all enjoyed stuffing your faces with pancakey treats!


  1. They look yummy :) My attempt at pancakes went very very wrong. They turned out looking like messed up omelettes x

  2. Yum, Bob's pancake looks delicious! :)


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