I Wanna Be Like You

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
This is the value my mum desperately tried to instil in me throughout my childhood, in a bid to stop me from punching my sister in the head as she relentlessly copied everything I did (sorry sis, but you know it's true. I was your inspiration.)

When it comes to this principle, I think there is definitely a line that can be drawn between replicating something you've seen and like, and downright originality theft.
If a friend went out and bought a top that they'd seen me wear, I wouldn't mind at all. In fact, I'd ask them why the heck they wasted their money when they could have just borrowed mine! Me and my group of friends unintentially copy each other on a daily basis, not just with our style but as far as our speech and mannerisms too. I always find myself saying phrases and words that I've picked up from my mates, that have subtlety entered my vocabulary until I'm sick of hearing them.

However, there is a point at which this notion becomes a huge pain, and you can feel your individuality being ripped away from you by a personality thief. Whilst aimlessly perusing the web today, I found a particularly bad case of this. The genius behind this year's best single, Swagger Jagger, seems to have a severe case of copycatitus.

During the X Factor, Cher Lloyd was often referred to as a 'mini Cheryl', as she was dressed up and given the big bouffant in the famous style of the pop princess.

And now it looks as though the *ahem* talented young superstar has found a new idol to imitate. As this lady changes her hair style more times than I wash mine, it must be pretty hard work to keep up, but so far Cher is doing a pretty successful job.

Also has a touch of the Jessie J about it too...

Ever heard of personal style Cher? No, clearly not. If you have a stylist, sack her, she's clearly just ripping of Ri Ri.

Being an international superstar I doubt Rihanna's too fussed, but I'm annoyed on behalf of her! How dare this talentless gypsy slut think she can pull it off! (Not a massive Cher Lloyd fan, you may guess)

Rihanna seems to be sticking with the red for the time being, while I think Cher Llyod has gone back to a more natural colour, and is working the ombre trend. Time will tell whether another rip-off occurs, perhaps next it'll be another star in the line for total image plagiarism. Perhaps Britney would be a more apt role model, being from a redneck community I'm sure Cher and her caravan roots will be able to identify...



  1. And while sacking her stylist, maybe she should sack whoever wrote that STUPID BLOODY SONG for her while she's at it!
    (Also not a big fan if you couldn't guess)
    Sam xx

  2. Haha love this post so much :)


  3. so Im confused do you hate Cher but love her single !!!!!!!

  4. Wow she's really ripping off rihanna! That doesn't even look like her with the red hair, not so good :X

  5. Love this post. I hate Cher Lloyd, what is she doing? (not a massive fan - her song sucks)

    franky xxx

  6. Ha! Cher Lloyd, what a joke. x

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    love the blog!
    please comment and follow....
    thanks xx.


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