Moving Pictures

Just Go With It
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker & Nicole Kidman
Queen of the romantic comedy Jennifer Aniston earns her crown in this predictable but witty film, co-starring Adam Sandler.

The rather rotund Sandler plays a successful plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles. After having his heart broken on his wedding day twenty years earlier, he fakes unhappy marriages to get into bed with sympathetic young ladies.

But when he falls for pretty young teacher Palmer (Decker), he has to rope in colleague Katherine (Aniston) and her two kids in order to convince her that he isn't a sleazy adulterer, but is getting divorced from his bitch of an ex-wife, played by an unwilling Katherine.

The film is a remake of the 1969 film Cactus Flower, which was based on the French play Fleur de Cactus. The majority of the action takes place in the beautiful holiday resort of Hawaii, which provides a stunning backdrop for the action and means the two female leads could appear in very little a lot of the time; a great enticement for any reluctant boyfriends and husbands.

I won't spoil the plot, but it is apparent quite early on what's going to happen. Never the less, the film is enjoyable throughout, with some particular comical highlights from the two children, one of whom puts on a ridiculous English accent throughout that is almost as bad as Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

It's recieved some pretty terrible ratings; Rotten Tomatoes only gave it 19% and critics haven't been quick to praise.

While I wasn't eager to see it I'm glad I did, it was one of the best rom-coms I've seen in a while and just how I like them; easy on the romance but heavy helpings of comedy.

You can't help but like Adam Sandler, and it's nice to see him play a 'winner' as opposed to the usual downtrodden underdog he usually is (Waterboy, Little Nicky etc).

Jennifer Aniston has been in some real flops in the past few years but this isn't one of them, she is genuinely funny and you remember why you loved her as the ditzy Rachel Green in Friends.

Definitely worth a see, if just for the 'Sheep-PR' scene. You can't help but laugh at dead animals. Cruel, but true. OH! and the cameo from Heidi Montag. Brilliantly laughable. She is definitely more plastic than human these days. Beach balls come to mind when you look at her...

Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends

I love how there are just some friends that you can pick up from where you left off with, even after months without seeing each other.

Finding out who my 'real' friends were is something that going to university did for me.
It was a giant sieve; shaking the floury mix of school and college aquaintances until all that was left were the unshakeable lumps of true best friends.

I think a lot of people from my old friendship group resented that I went off to university. I was having the time of my life (cringey cliche but true) while they stayed at home, working the same supermarket jobs and figuring out what the heck they wanted to do with their lives.

Being thrown into this scary new environment and being forced together with people from all over the country was such a learning curve; you really have to adapt yourself to get along with people and make friends. I don't mean being fake; it's just that you can't expect strangers to get your weird sense of humour or understand the quirks that you've got so used to having in front of the friends you've known all your life. Though I found that for some people being fake was a neccessary way to make friends. I thought I knew people in the first year, then as the masks started to slip towards summertime I realised I knew the person they had projected; and the person they were wasn't someone I was interested in knowing.

Second year has shown me who my real friends are, and I've kept some of the best ones from the first year and made some great new ones that I can't wait to share more fun times with.

As for my real home friends, I know that I can just pick up the phone and drop them a text and always get a friendly reply, no matter how long it's been I know they're happy to hear from me and always ready to get together to remember the good times.

And that's exactly what I did tonight :)

I went to the cinema with my friend Louise, who I've known since alll the way back in Year 6. We saw Just Go With It, the new Adam Sandler movie. I may write a little review about it later, but it was a lot better than I expected, predictable but still really funny.

We managed to make the rest of the audience think we were a lesbian couple and then run out of a restaraunt without ordering any food or drinks. Typical stupid us. While I'm happy with all the things that are different in my life; living in Southampton and being independant, it's nice how some things never change.


The Importance of Being Idle

Yesterday was a craziiily busy day. We were at Lakeside by 11 and didn't get home until about 6. Definite case of shopping till we dropped, that's the thing with going on a mega spree you've gotta lug allll the bags round with you. Suffering from a severe back-ache today, bad times.
But got a hecck of a lot of cool stuff, so it was well worth it :)

In regards to the shops, we (my mum, sister and me, my dad had to make to with playing on his i-Pod until we'd chosen our goodies, then he'd come in and pay) were really impressed with New Look. I'd kind of gone off of it cos I found it to be a bit chavvy? And the one in Southampton is sooo big it just puts me off cos it takes hours to actually look through everything. But we got a lot of nice stuff in there, they're doing really well to keep up with the trends and keep it affordable.

As for my usual favourite, H&M, I was not a fan! The Lakeside one was like a jumble sale, it wasn't laid out well at all and the fixtures were so tightly packed together you couldn't move let alone look. That paired with the massive queue meant we only got a couple of basics, their £3.99 jersey skirts are so handy for sticking on under vest tops.

As my dad put it, Primark is like an 'aircraft hanger'; it's absolutely masssive. The downstairs is shoes and accessories and all the clothing is upstairs. We left it till the end of the day to go in so we were pretty tired and didn't really look at the clothes that much but I nabbed 2 reaaallly nice pairs of boots that I just couldn't choose between! Compared to the ones I wanted in office which were £90 (and they'd already been reduced!) I got both of mine for £36. Can't go wrong.

Oh and while I was in Sainsburys today had a look at their clothing cos it's 25% off everything until Monday and got a couple of cheeky bits ;)

Anyways here are some piccies. Excuse the one of me, my mum took it and she's bloody useless with cameras plus my dad was making ridiculous Tyra Banks' faces at me.

 Jumper, new Look £22.99
 Blouse, New Look, £21.99
 Chinos, New Look, £22.99
 Jumper, Sainsburys, £12 (was £16)
 Acid-wash Skirt, Sainsburys, £6 (was £8)
 Vest Top, H&M, £7.99 and Trousers, New Look, £22.99
 Boots, Primark, £18 each and Tan Brogues, Next, £18
 Nail Polish, Barry M Berry, (2 for £5) and Rings from Matalan
 Next Gold Perfume, £12, Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray about £6, Barry M Topcoat and Bright Red, Collection 2000 Illumating Touch Under-eye stick £4.99
Blingtastic Case ;)



...is where the food is.

I've taken a trip home this weekend, to see the fam, catch up with some friends and generally get away from the stresses of uni life (9 hours a week are very hard to deal with).

Home for me is Rayleigh in Essex, most people will not have a clue where this is but it's somewhere in between Southend-On-Sea and Chelmsford if that's any help.Unlikely if you're not actually from Essex but I do try and help ;)

After a 3 hour train journey I met my parents and was whisked straight to Sainsburys to join the weekly food shop. It was so nice to watch a big trolley being filled to the brim and knowing I could tuck in to whatever I liked. And picking up cheeky treats and chucking them in, knowing i didn't have to worry about the bill!

As I've mentioned before I'm off to Lakeside shopping centre tomorrow to spend some of my dad's hard earned cash! Might be getting a Blackberry as a very early birthday treat (I'm 21 in September!) as I've been swapping between absolutely ancient phones since my Samsung Tocco was stolen in a club a couple of years ago :'(

I shall do a little haul post to show you what treats I get!
I'm hoping to get some new high wasited shorts as mine have a tear in the back that has just grown to ridiculously unwearable proportions, although I do champion the scruffy look.I want a new pair of brogues in tan, I've already got a grey pair and they're so comfy and versatile I want more!
And the rest is whatever else the shops have to offer!
I'm just hoping it's not one of those days where you have cash burning your (or your paren'ts) pocket but can't find anything decent! FAIL.

Here are some piccies I took using my sister's Canon (she has a 1000D) of some of the best things about being home :)

 A full fridge
 A clean shower
 Treats from the Mother
 More treats from Sainsburys
My doggy Nelson (not usually this depressed)


Mona Lisa's Smile

I'm fully aware that I'm at risk of alienating all of my treasured 6 followers with this, BUT it's brightened up this miserable day for me so I'm spreading the joy :)

It's Panic! At The Disco's new song, The Ballad of Mona Lisa.
I was a MEGA Panic fan back in my teenage emo days, I know all the words to every song on their first album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, which they released in 2005.

The whole 'emo' scene faced a lot of criticism back then, bands like Panic, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance recieved a lot of hate; lead singer of Panic Brendon Uri even got bottled at Reading festival in 2006.

I didn't like their second album Pretty Odd, which was released in 2008 as much, though That Green Gentleman is one of my favourites.

Since then guitarish Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker left the band, and Panic will release their third album, Vices and Virtues, with two new members.

Vices and Virtues is set to be released March of this year. Having listened to The Ballad of Mona Lisa on repeat most of today, I for one am mega excited for this, as it seems they've returned to their original style of flamboyant baroque pop with witty lyrics and dark humour.

Plus, I can't help but fancy Brendon still ;)

Here's the vid, enjoy :)



Just a quick one tonight, as I am in the middle of preparations to go out for one of my best friend Laura's birthdaaaay.
Not really worth an outfit post because:
a) I have a rubbish camera
b) The lighting in my room is shocking
c) Outfit is quite plain and simples

Got a little body-con ribbed number from Topshop, at £18 I thought it was quite a bargain for them so may have to invest in another colour besides purple ;)

Thought I'd show you the most interesting part of my outfit; my hands. Specifically nails and rings.

I've got the ever-so-famous Barry M Instant Nail Effects on.
After being on every blog it was pretty much impossible to get hold of, so when my sister saw a couple of bottles left in the Boots back at home she grabbed one for me. Now it seems to be everywhere though; there were shelves of the stuff in Superdrugs in town today!

Thought I'd give it a go with Orange underneath (Barry M Tangerine) for a kinda tiger effect?
Not sure if that's quite what I've achieved but I like it none the less. One hand does look ridiculously different from the other but I think that's the fun of it.

On my left hand I'm wearing a leaf ring which I was lusting after for ages but being a poor student didn't get one until the January sales where I nabbed one from Topshop for something silly like £1.20!
On the other hand I'm wearing a purple oval stone ring from Matalan and a tiger head ring, also from Matalan.

(Had to stick them all on one hand to make taking a piccy easier. Apologies for the terrible quality, took them on my phone cos my camera ran out of batt the fiend! Oh and my red cuticles, had red polish on beforehand)

I've gone a bit ring crazy atm, taking a cheeky trip to Lakeside on Friday so now doubt I'll add more to my collection ;)


Mornin' all. Apologies for the late/earlyness of this post, working like a beast really interferes with doing anything else besides sleeping and eating. I'm like a career baby.

Here's a little something I prepared earlier, a review of the band Chapel Club who I went to see at Talking Heads last Tuesday.

I may use it as part of my music journalism portfolio if my beloved tutor Charles likes it.

Enjoy :)

The 1990’s may have been the decade to bring indie into the mainstream, but the noughties are proving to be hurling more bands our way than ever before. The Killers, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Foals...festival organisers can barely keep up with what now seems to be a weekly emergence as they roll around in the piles of money they’ve made from thousands of fans flocking to see their favourite new bands.
            Formed in 2008, Chapel Club have already been named as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ and were tipped as one of NME’s exciting new prospects for 2010. In September of last year they played alongside The Joy Formidable on the NME Emerge Radar Tour, impressing reviewers and sealing their status as one of that years most exciting new acts.
But despite this, an appearance on Later with Jools Holland and MTV’s Gonzo with Alexa Chung, Chapel Club have remained under the radar of most indie kids and their i-Pods. Is the current music scene just too saturated with moody lads wailing morosely into microphones to take another very moody lad and his wailing?
Talking Heads is, to put it politely, a bit of a dump. It’s grotty, smells like a combination of sweaty feet and ripe vomit, yet serves ridiculously overpriced drinks. In a vain attempt to brighten up the decor, some form of Arabian carpet has been strung up on the ceiling, giving the venue the appearance of a low-budget circus tent.
Despite this, the crowd are in good spirits. There is an eclectic mix, from students to teachers (I had the pleasure of bumping into one of my lecturers, who kindly introduced me to the whole family), music-lovers to slightly confused looking middle-age men, clutching their pints and muttering how it isn’t usually this busy.
Casablancas were the first support act, a four piece with the combined age of about forty, each sporting a variation of the Bieber cut. Surprisingly gloomy, there was no mistaking them for Justin once they started playing, much to the apparent dismay of some female teenage revellers.
They were followed by David’s Lyre, who may as well have been named the Misfits due to the ridiculously mismatched appearance of each member, who all looked like they belonged to different groups, eras even. They were decidedly more upbeat that their predecessors, but this may have just been due to the most ridiculous displays of dancing? (I’m not sure it can really be defined as this, Beyonce definitely wouldn’t approve) ever witnessed upon a stage. The singer swayed as though hypnotised, his eyes rolling so far back in their head it was unsure as to whether he was still conscious or not. The bassist appeared to be having convulsions throughout, clearly this five-piece were not taking good enough care of their health.
A short interlude, during which the tiny room became packed, drinks in plastic cups slosh everywhere as a festival-style mood settles over the crowd. The lights dim, the audience hold their breaths, drinks remain firmly in vessels, and on come the band.
Lead singer Lewis Bowman has gained himself a reputation as a bit of a diva. In other words, a stroppy, arrogant, Liam Gallagher wannabe bastard. As he struts onto the stage, hood up like he’s just too cool to care that he’s indoors, it’s easy to see why.
His dark, wide eyes glare at the audience, teamed with his shaven head it projects a skeletal appearance that would most likely frighten young children. With a defiant nod of the head, the band launch into their first recorded single, Surfacing. Reminiscent of White Lies first album with its harrowing riffs and morose tones, the audience sway along, hypnotized by those all-seeing eyes.
They then move on to more upbeat territory with White Knight Position, which has the audience break out of the hypnosis to jostle about in the packed room. They follow with Blind, Roads, and Fine Lights, and the crowd seems to lose interest and energy as each song is reminiscent of the last. But then comes former iTunes single of the week Oh Maybe I, which sees the sombre tone lift and Bowman’s vocals seem fresher, and more energised. Dancing resumes, and spirits are lifted by a taste of something new.
Fans are then treated to a track from their EP Wintering, which they released at the end of last year and was exclusively available to attendees of their one-off show at Salford’s St. Phillips Church. This haunting love song is one of their finest numbers and for those who hadn’t heard it before was instantly a favourite.
After Paper Thin, another tale of woeful love, the audience are treated to the band’s most well known track, All of the Eastern Girls. The song was Q websites ‘Track of the Day’ in September 2010 and injected the crowd with new vigour, as fans sang along in earnest and the rest jumped in time to the beat.
This is followed by another popular release, Five Trees. Clearly a favourite amongst followers of the band, this was met with raucous applause from the audience; one devotee in particular had great trouble keeping his drink from dowsing him and fearful neighbours as he bounded up and down like Tigger on acid.
To close, Lewis Bowman’s favourite song from the album, The Shore. Worthy of Zane Lowe and the NME’s praise, Chapel Club finish the show on a suitably doleful tone. Cheerless though it may be, the applause is not held back as Bowman takes a bow and strides off into the night.
The Killers, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, Foals...and now, Chapel Club? I don’t doubt it.


Workin' 9 to 5

What a way to make a living eh Dols. I actually worked an 11-5, but it's a Sunday, it should be a day of rest right?!

I've been working at Next since September last year, and I love it! I've had a job since I was 16 and like earning my own money. That way I don't feel so bad when I go for my weekly Starbucks with the girls! Since my uni timetable consists of two hardly-even-full days it's nice to have something else to do during those lonnnng uni weekends.

I'm on the Menswear department but today I was switched to Ladies and it gave me the chance to have a little peek at what they had to offer.

Before I started working there it was never a shop I thought to look in. My parents used to buy a lot of my clothes from there when I was younger but then when I was old enough to shop for myself it was Tammy Girl (does that still exist?!) and New Look that I bought my ever so stylish attire from. Oh the simple days of flared jeans and tees...

Next actually have a lot of stuff I'd buy, a lot of their pieces are trend-lead and encapsulate the current season's trends. ATM they're channeling a lot of camel & brown workwear pieces, with some cute little peter pan collar dresses in sandy hues and cotton chinos.

There are also a lot of sheer blouses which are popping up in every fashion magazine, in dusty pinks and charcoal which are a bit different from the standard black and white. They also have a good range of shoes and accessories, I've got my eye on some tan brogues and a chocolate satchel that looks good enough to eat!

Even if you don't usually shop there it's definitely worth a look, it isn't any more expensive than Topshop and has equally stylish pieces that will channel the looks on the runways this spring/summer.


First Impressions

Technically my second, and also technically about three minutes after I posted 'realfirstpost' but this is something which doesn't involve me blabbering on about how this little beast was born.
This is a film review I was assigned to write in one of my uni units, Magazines & Markets which, if you're interested in, is giving us the down-low on how to write for specific publications, the different types of publications and their audiences...blah blah blah if you really wanna know more I'll send you my course handbook. The brief was to write a 500 word review, then to edit it down to 400.
I've reviewed The Fighter, which I went to see with my ex-boyfriend using a cheeky orange wednesday ticket ;)

Mark Wahlberg’s determined vision to tell the story of “local sports hero” boxer Micky Ward has resulted in a gritty and emotional display that is much more than just a sporting biopic.
The Fighter tells the tale of Irish-American boxer Micky Ward (Wahlberg) and his brother, former boxing champion Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). Micky is living in the shadow of his brother’s historic success, and must fight not only his competitors but his family too in order to make a name for himself. Amy Adams co-stars as Micky’s love interest, Charlene Fleming.
The triumph over tragedy story is synonymous with the shaky start the movie had when production first began back in 2003. After Martin Scorsese turned down the job and Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler) quit to film Black Swan, David O. Russell was chosen to direct. Wahlberg had already collaborated with the director twice before, on I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings.
 Trouble continued in the casting of Dicky Eklund, both Matt Damon and Brad Pitt had to drop out of playing the role due to scheduling conflicts. Wahlberg suggested Bale take the role after meeting the American Psycho Star at their children’s pre-school. Bale’s performance as the gaunt Eklund is another example of how thoroughly he engrosses himself in a character, he lost over a stone in order to achieve Dicky’s gaunt, hollow cheeked appearance. You become totally immersed in Dicky’s self-destruction as his drug-addled brain refuses to acknowledge that the glory days are over, and he spirals into a cocaine fuelled despair.
Wahlberg’s friendship Micky Ward led to him choosing to star in the film, as did their similar upbringings in large families from Massachusetts. Wahlberg underwent an intense bodybuilding and exercise regime to achieve Ward’s muscular physique, training for over four years. He also refused a stunt double to add to the movie’s realism, which nearly resulted in a broken nose numerous times.
While this may be dismissed as another violence packed sports film for the boys, the underdog story is one which many can identify with. The murky tone of the film is broken up by sparks of humour that will have you teetering between tears of despair and laughter. The plot is intensely gripping as it twists and turns with Micky’s successes and culminates in a fighting sequence that will have you cringing with every blow.
The Fighter is showing in cinemas nationwide.

Back to the start again

This is one of those things I've been meaning to do for a while, but due to my superb talent when it comes to procrastination I've been putting it off. Finally, upon strict orders from one of my lecturers, I have bitten the bullet and here is the result. My IT skills are restricted to an A in Year 7 Computer Tech, so this isn't going to be the most WOW blog aesthetics wise, but I'm hoping at least some of the thousaands of bloggers out there aren't shallow enough to judge a book by its somewhat plain cover?
Anywhoo I'm gonna try pretty hard to keep this interesting and current, and it'll be a mixture of all the things I enjoy the most; fashion, films, music and general ramblings from my head.
I advise accompanying your reading with a nice beverage, preferably tea.
Enjoy :)
Oh, if you're wondering why the heck my address thingy is 'guiltyhippo', it's the result of a very fun game my housemate and I played in order to come up with a name; using internet random word generators to find the most hilarious and weird word combinations. Guilty hippo made us laugh the most.