The Importance of Being Idle

Yesterday was a craziiily busy day. We were at Lakeside by 11 and didn't get home until about 6. Definite case of shopping till we dropped, that's the thing with going on a mega spree you've gotta lug allll the bags round with you. Suffering from a severe back-ache today, bad times.
But got a hecck of a lot of cool stuff, so it was well worth it :)

In regards to the shops, we (my mum, sister and me, my dad had to make to with playing on his i-Pod until we'd chosen our goodies, then he'd come in and pay) were really impressed with New Look. I'd kind of gone off of it cos I found it to be a bit chavvy? And the one in Southampton is sooo big it just puts me off cos it takes hours to actually look through everything. But we got a lot of nice stuff in there, they're doing really well to keep up with the trends and keep it affordable.

As for my usual favourite, H&M, I was not a fan! The Lakeside one was like a jumble sale, it wasn't laid out well at all and the fixtures were so tightly packed together you couldn't move let alone look. That paired with the massive queue meant we only got a couple of basics, their £3.99 jersey skirts are so handy for sticking on under vest tops.

As my dad put it, Primark is like an 'aircraft hanger'; it's absolutely masssive. The downstairs is shoes and accessories and all the clothing is upstairs. We left it till the end of the day to go in so we were pretty tired and didn't really look at the clothes that much but I nabbed 2 reaaallly nice pairs of boots that I just couldn't choose between! Compared to the ones I wanted in office which were £90 (and they'd already been reduced!) I got both of mine for £36. Can't go wrong.

Oh and while I was in Sainsburys today had a look at their clothing cos it's 25% off everything until Monday and got a couple of cheeky bits ;)

Anyways here are some piccies. Excuse the one of me, my mum took it and she's bloody useless with cameras plus my dad was making ridiculous Tyra Banks' faces at me.

 Jumper, new Look £22.99
 Blouse, New Look, £21.99
 Chinos, New Look, £22.99
 Jumper, Sainsburys, £12 (was £16)
 Acid-wash Skirt, Sainsburys, £6 (was £8)
 Vest Top, H&M, £7.99 and Trousers, New Look, £22.99
 Boots, Primark, £18 each and Tan Brogues, Next, £18
 Nail Polish, Barry M Berry, (2 for £5) and Rings from Matalan
 Next Gold Perfume, £12, Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray about £6, Barry M Topcoat and Bright Red, Collection 2000 Illumating Touch Under-eye stick £4.99
Blingtastic Case ;)


  1. i'm really happy about all of these shopping goodies because i know that at some point i will be borrowing them all off you :D hehe xxx

  2. Haha whats mine is yours babe! ;)
    Can't waaait until next year, we should defo have one masssive walk in wardrobe lol!xxx


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