...is where the food is.

I've taken a trip home this weekend, to see the fam, catch up with some friends and generally get away from the stresses of uni life (9 hours a week are very hard to deal with).

Home for me is Rayleigh in Essex, most people will not have a clue where this is but it's somewhere in between Southend-On-Sea and Chelmsford if that's any help.Unlikely if you're not actually from Essex but I do try and help ;)

After a 3 hour train journey I met my parents and was whisked straight to Sainsburys to join the weekly food shop. It was so nice to watch a big trolley being filled to the brim and knowing I could tuck in to whatever I liked. And picking up cheeky treats and chucking them in, knowing i didn't have to worry about the bill!

As I've mentioned before I'm off to Lakeside shopping centre tomorrow to spend some of my dad's hard earned cash! Might be getting a Blackberry as a very early birthday treat (I'm 21 in September!) as I've been swapping between absolutely ancient phones since my Samsung Tocco was stolen in a club a couple of years ago :'(

I shall do a little haul post to show you what treats I get!
I'm hoping to get some new high wasited shorts as mine have a tear in the back that has just grown to ridiculously unwearable proportions, although I do champion the scruffy look.I want a new pair of brogues in tan, I've already got a grey pair and they're so comfy and versatile I want more!
And the rest is whatever else the shops have to offer!
I'm just hoping it's not one of those days where you have cash burning your (or your paren'ts) pocket but can't find anything decent! FAIL.

Here are some piccies I took using my sister's Canon (she has a 1000D) of some of the best things about being home :)

 A full fridge
 A clean shower
 Treats from the Mother
 More treats from Sainsburys
My doggy Nelson (not usually this depressed)

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