Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends

I love how there are just some friends that you can pick up from where you left off with, even after months without seeing each other.

Finding out who my 'real' friends were is something that going to university did for me.
It was a giant sieve; shaking the floury mix of school and college aquaintances until all that was left were the unshakeable lumps of true best friends.

I think a lot of people from my old friendship group resented that I went off to university. I was having the time of my life (cringey cliche but true) while they stayed at home, working the same supermarket jobs and figuring out what the heck they wanted to do with their lives.

Being thrown into this scary new environment and being forced together with people from all over the country was such a learning curve; you really have to adapt yourself to get along with people and make friends. I don't mean being fake; it's just that you can't expect strangers to get your weird sense of humour or understand the quirks that you've got so used to having in front of the friends you've known all your life. Though I found that for some people being fake was a neccessary way to make friends. I thought I knew people in the first year, then as the masks started to slip towards summertime I realised I knew the person they had projected; and the person they were wasn't someone I was interested in knowing.

Second year has shown me who my real friends are, and I've kept some of the best ones from the first year and made some great new ones that I can't wait to share more fun times with.

As for my real home friends, I know that I can just pick up the phone and drop them a text and always get a friendly reply, no matter how long it's been I know they're happy to hear from me and always ready to get together to remember the good times.

And that's exactly what I did tonight :)

I went to the cinema with my friend Louise, who I've known since alll the way back in Year 6. We saw Just Go With It, the new Adam Sandler movie. I may write a little review about it later, but it was a lot better than I expected, predictable but still really funny.

We managed to make the rest of the audience think we were a lesbian couple and then run out of a restaraunt without ordering any food or drinks. Typical stupid us. While I'm happy with all the things that are different in my life; living in Southampton and being independant, it's nice how some things never change.

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