Workin' 9 to 5

What a way to make a living eh Dols. I actually worked an 11-5, but it's a Sunday, it should be a day of rest right?!

I've been working at Next since September last year, and I love it! I've had a job since I was 16 and like earning my own money. That way I don't feel so bad when I go for my weekly Starbucks with the girls! Since my uni timetable consists of two hardly-even-full days it's nice to have something else to do during those lonnnng uni weekends.

I'm on the Menswear department but today I was switched to Ladies and it gave me the chance to have a little peek at what they had to offer.

Before I started working there it was never a shop I thought to look in. My parents used to buy a lot of my clothes from there when I was younger but then when I was old enough to shop for myself it was Tammy Girl (does that still exist?!) and New Look that I bought my ever so stylish attire from. Oh the simple days of flared jeans and tees...

Next actually have a lot of stuff I'd buy, a lot of their pieces are trend-lead and encapsulate the current season's trends. ATM they're channeling a lot of camel & brown workwear pieces, with some cute little peter pan collar dresses in sandy hues and cotton chinos.

There are also a lot of sheer blouses which are popping up in every fashion magazine, in dusty pinks and charcoal which are a bit different from the standard black and white. They also have a good range of shoes and accessories, I've got my eye on some tan brogues and a chocolate satchel that looks good enough to eat!

Even if you don't usually shop there it's definitely worth a look, it isn't any more expensive than Topshop and has equally stylish pieces that will channel the looks on the runways this spring/summer.

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