7 days

Has it really been that long?!
I don't know where the heck time goes at uni but a week has just gone by and I literally don't know what I've done during those days. Apart from get extremely wasted on St Patricks Day...perhaps that whole night has just removed my memory for that whole week?
Maybe I should lay off the white lightning...or not. I must admit to whole heartedly loving my beverage, the number one choice of tramps up and down the country.

It's coming up to that time again when all my uni work is due in. Yess I've had since Christmas or whenever to do it, but I had other important stuff to do that meant I could only start it now...like going out and things.

It's not too bad actually, this is the first time I'm actually pretty much on top of it, if not slightly ahead dare I say? The geek in me has come out in full force this term, about time I guess.

I'm in two minds about everything atm. Hello schizo.
I can't wait for this work to be handed in, but then I'm gonna be bored and wish I had something to do.
I can't wait for summer but then I'm not actually doing anything spectacular (apart from V of course) and I'm just gonna be stuck in Soton working.
I can't wait for third year and the new house with the girls and a fresh start with everything but am I gonna miss the old stuff?

There's not long left at all now and it's getting to that scary stage where everything seems to be going a bit too fast...
Things are SO different to how they were a year ago. It was all so fun and fresh and exciting. I guess this is growing up?
God it sucks.
Take me back to the days of Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy and the most important decision I had to make was what TV show to watch after school.

Where the heck is Peter Pan and his bloody Neverland when you need him?!


Dance Little Liar


Soo busy atm with uni work and impending deadlines, I feel like I've constantly got one thing or another to do.
Thank god I haven't been working at Next as well, I think I may actually have perished by now.

Anyway, this is just a little feature I did about how Black Swan has inspired other artists to imitate the classical ballet look in their s/s collections.
I will hopefully get back to some more interesting/in-depth posts soon!

Designer Dancers
Black Swan hit our cinema screens this year and cleaned up at the Awards, and its influence is now seeping into the world of fashion.

            It wasn’t just Natalie Portman’s harrowing performance that captivated us in Black Swan, the fabulous costumes designed by Rodarte have captured the imagination of designers across the globe.
The Black Swan

The White Swan

Rodarte teamed up with Swarovski to create the breathtaking designs for the film, which enhance the drama of the characters Portman plays whilst providing a stunning visual reference for the story.
Magazines have been filled with designer interpretations of this graceful and whimsical theme, with tulle and lace in abundance. Bodysuits, pleated skirts and sheer layers create a romantic look, perfect for balmy summer days.
            Valentino, ChloĆ© and Max Azria perfected the look on the runways, with effortless draping in muted hues and understated hair and make-up.

Max Azria


The softly coloured, sheer fabrics evoke a dreamy style that is a sharp contrast to the harsh, masculine tailoring we have also seen on the catwalk this season. This is the definition of femininity; elegant, delicate and demure.

It’s enough to make you want to tie up your ballet shoes and pirouette your way to the nearest dance hall. We are welcoming back the ballerina dreams of our childhood, with a sophisticated update for the new generation.


The Island

Oh the joys of Sunday! A real Sunday that is, I'm used to getting up for work at 9.30 every week so to have a holiday today was beautiful.
I had a deserved lie-in, and have spent the day lounging around watching cookery programmes and dabbling in a bit of work (which makes me very proud of myself!)

Anyway, Ross collected him camera today so here are some piccies from the Isle of Wight as promised!
I'm gonna include some of the ones taken on a previous day of filming, to show you how it can look quite pretty in the sun, minus a small hurricane.

The shop where I starred as 'Shop Girl'
The pub I had to walk past...several thousand times

Yarmouth Pier

The beach

The pier (on the day I went, rather gloomy)

The pier (a couple of days before, looking lovely)

General Yarmouthy scene

Crazy waves

The view from our precarious viewpoint atop a mountain

Crazy wind

My convincing 'walking'. I'm actually acting though ;)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


We Share The Same Skies

Good Evening!

I was planning on doing a post about my trip to Isle of Wight yeterday but the camera with all the piccies on is currently sitting in someone's car :/ So I shall have to wait until that's retrieved to show you all!

It was a pretty fun day though, but I discovered that the life of an extra is not a glamourous one, and comprises of repetition and lots of waiting around. Add to that it was freezing cold and there was a ridiculous gale blowing constantly (playing extreme havoc with my hair, I was NOT ready for my close up!) and the fact I'd had about 3 hours sleep the night before and by the end of the day I was cream crackered.

But there is no rest for the wicked, as last night was the last Carnage of this uni year, so I had to throw some dinner down my throat and run round to Alix's house to get ready as soon as the ferry touched down in Soton. The theme was 'Jocks vs Frocks', a pretty poor idea and quite hard to think of costume ideas for. We got some football socks and painted black stripes on our faces and job done!

Me and Alix, looking very un-jock like

The night was cut a little bit short by a slightly drunk Alix...but was fun while it lasted. I didn't mind going home early too much in fact, we had uni at 11 and it was a lecture about our third year options that we didn't wanna miss. So Alix, I thank thee for consuming ridiculous amounts of booze, you helped me make the decision about my future!

I thinnk I'm pretty much decided on what I wanna do...still umming and ahhing a bit about my second semester option and the FMP. I'm definitely doing Film Journalism though, which I'm really excited about as I'm a film geek anyway and it means watching a film every week. Win!

All these decisions about my course that feel so important seem so petty after what's happened in Japan. I was glued to my TV watching the news footage of the Tsunami sweeping away the towns like they were made of paper. Whether it's because of the moon, or another sign of the end of the world, it definitely makes you stop for a minute and realise that the stuff you spend so much time worrying about really isn't that important. So what if your make-up hasn't gone right this morning, or the top you want has sold out in your size; think of all the things you do have.
Life is never as bad as it seems, and things like this really give you perspective.


Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

In typical bad girl style, Kate Moss strutted down the runway for Louis Vuitton in hot pants accessorised with...a cigarette.
Seven years after 'retiring' from Catwalk shows, she walked for Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week, proving that she still has the edge.

She's never far away from controversy, and today she lived up to her rep by lighting up on the Catwalk on the official No Smoking day.

The fetish-themed show also featured hostesses in French-maid outfits serving vodka shots (at 10am!) and handcuffs featured prominently throughout the whole show.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Marc Jacobs said it was the public's desperate desire for products with the LV logo that initiated the idea of fetishism:
"'There's this crazy, almost irrational desire for these objects, these things we create. 'We were thinking about obsession, fetishism and we thought about an old hotel, with its chambermaids and the affairs that go on there, the crimes and scandals."

This idea was brought to life as model's entered the runway from a lift, specially created for the show, escorted by porters.

As expected with a fetish-themed show, the clothes featured lots of leather, bustiers and thigh high stockings. Updating the classic 40's shape, perfect hourglass figures were created with the restrictive but beautiful pieces. Models were cinched in at the waist, proving that the obsession for a Mad Men-esque silhouette isn't over yet. In contrast, the boxy hats and leather gloves added a masculine edge, giving some outfits a sense of androgyny.

Completely over the top and extravagant, this is a far cry from the market-stall imitiations of LV logo bags. All that was missing were a few whips and chains.
There's always next year I suppose...

(Images sourced from The Daily Mail website)


Flip Reverse

Happy Pancake Day!

So even though I protested against pancakes (flat, undercooked Yorkshire puddings) I made some for my house mate Ross and Bob.
Bob supplied the toppings and went ever so mental, with a wonderful collection of treats that Willy Wonka would be proud of.

And then the fun began.

Bob expertly preparing the pancake batter

(Oh God, the state of our oven - cringe!)

And then came the moment of truth...the flip.

I was definitely the pro out of the three of us, unfortunately the only photographic evidence of this has also captured me looking like a pudgy faced devil (flash = red eye) so that will have to remain out of the public eye!

The results were pretty darn tasty. Granted, I only ate the toppings cos I don't actually like pancakes BUT they looked yummy!

Here are some of the finished results:
Bob's 'Masterpiece'

My choc-chip creation. Yes, I did only eat the chocolate chips :D

Now I feel utterly sick but content that two of my bezzies enjoyed their pancakes :)

Hope you all enjoyed stuffing your faces with pancakey treats!


Gold Dust

It's nice to see that stranger we all know and love, the Sun, making a rather dazzling appearence today. Just a bloody shame I was stuck in work all afternoon, and I couldn't even admire the glorious day from a window because Next only has one on the shop floor - and it's in the home department. The lucky swines.

One thing I came to realise today is one of the skills you're not aware you need working in retail until it comes to actually needing it: talking with your mouth full.
YES, this is a pretty grim habit, BUT essential at times.
Me and my manager Nimm were having a serious energy dip this eve, so had to invest in a few cheeky sweeties to give us a bit of a sugar rush. All very well and good, until a customer wants to ask you something and you can do nothing more than gaze at them like a rabbit trapped in the headlights. All the while you're desperately chewing as fast as your aching jaws can manage, without making it totally obvious you're a massive pig who can't go more than ten minutes without the need for nourishment.

So you have to master the art of talking while hiding said sweet in the side of your mouth, rather like a hamster. Works like a treat, as long as it isn't a whole jelly snake or something. Then you could look as if you have the mumps or something, never a good look.
Got quite a busy ol' week lined up, uni tomorrow and wednesday -pause for cheers- then I'm helping my housemate Ross out by being an extra in his movie. I'M GONNA BE FAMOUS!!!
Well, not quite but I do get a free trip to the Isle of Wight out of it and I've been promised free chips and ice-cream on the beach so that'll do me :)

After than it's the last Carnage of the year - Frocks VS Jocks. One of the lamest themes so far but ah well, gonna stick some shoulder pads under my tee, some black paint on my face and hey presto, GO TEAM!

Ooh something quite exciting, got a call today from the lovely Alice who works at the BBC about appearing on a show about turning 21 in 2011. Had a good ol' chinwag with her and she says if all goes to plan she'll be coming to Southampton soon to get a proper interview.
So I may be famous after all ;) Pahaa.
Then on Friday we've gotta pick our options for final year, eeeeek!!
Scary important decision times :/
Definitely know what I wanna do for my Final major Project but there are sooo many options to choose from I'm a bit overwhelmed!
There's a lecture about it all on Fri, so hopefully that'll make things a bit clearer :)

Anyways I've rambled on long enough so I'll leave you all to the rest of your monday evening.

Ciao for now :)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well, pretty much Monday now hey ho.

Back to work today -EURGH- but got a nice suprise, I've got the next couple of Sundays off! Had some leftover holiday which I've gotta use before April so that means some more Sundays to myself.

It's quite good timing actually, the pile of Uni work is ever growing and threatens to crush me at any moment, and with the deadline looming at the end of the month it'll give me a chance to finish/start the different assignments.

It also means that I can go to one of my best friends/ex boyfriend's 21st birthday soirees without the dreaded 9.30 wake up the next day, hoorah! Might take him for a nice meal if I'm feeling generous...and we're not too hanging of course. But with the infamous Kyptonites on the menu (a deadly alcoholic concoction of a flourescent green colour) it's probable everyone in attendance will be pretty dead come Sunday.

Now to conclude my Sunday/start my Monday I'm gonna enjoy a laavely hot chocolate (with whipped cream and mini mallows of course!) in my new Disney mug.

Hope you all had a good weekend :)


Versatile Blogger Award!

(No song title today!)

So I woke up today to a lovely suprise, the wonderful Pebbz had given me the Versatile Blogger Award!
It's no suprise she was given the award herself, her blog covers everything from food recipes to reviews; CHECK IT OUT!
Thank-you very much to her, it's nice to know someones actually reading this thing and enjoying it too!

Now it's my turn :)

The rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

Tell us 7 things about yourself.

 Award 10 recently discovered new bloggers.

Contact these bloggers and let them know they received an award.

7 fascinating (/not) facts!

I really like vegetables, especially broccoli and courgettes! Not all students are unhealthy ;)

I have 7 piercings, I did used to have 8 but the lip one kept falling out in my food...

I don't like people touching my wrists, it freaks me out.

I hate blood and usually faint at the sight of it. Even talking about it makes my cringe.

I have dyed my hair most colours that there are in existence. It even went green once...

I still have a brace! It's cleverly hidden though ;)

I love McFly. Will do forever more. Tom is my favourite.

Recently Discovered Bloggers

Here are some of the blogs which I have come across lately and look forward to reading and you should too! :)

I'm gonna do things by nearly-half and only do 6, but they're 6 goodens!

Enjoy your Saturday :)


Sing For The Moment

It's that time of the year again!
Well, technically this doesn't start until July, but for me it begun today when I purchased my V Festival ticket!
To say it was a stressful procedure would be a hideous understatement - it was a sickening time in my life that I don't wish to repeat (but inevitably will next year).

Tickets were due to go on sale at 9am this morning, myself and Alix woke up at 8.30 to begin the frantic struggle for weekend camping passes.
We had EVERY site open, each one displaying the infuriating 'Server Busy, This page will refresh automatically' message.

An hour passed, and one by one each site flashed onto the next screen, displaying the message 'Tickets Unavailable'.
At 10.15 we had all but given up. Alix was busy doing a phone interview for a feature she's writing, I was staring at my screen, preparing to weep.

Then, See Tickets gave me a lifeline.
'Click here for travel packages and tickets' it said, beckoning me in to a world of hope.
TICKETS AVAILABLE! Just get a coach, and you shall go to the ball!

In the end we ended up paying for a coach package to take us from London to Hylands Park.
Quite a lottt more than the basic weekend ticket price, and also quite annoying as I actually live a twenty minute train journey from Chelmsford, so will in fact be making one of the most pointless journeys of my life into London and back to Essex.

Definitely worth it though.
I've been to V Fest before and I had an awesome time. The weather was glorious, and there's such a variety of acts you get to here the best of all your favourite kinds of music.
I cannot wait to adorn my wrist with a V Festival 2011, Yellow Camp, band to add to the many others that lay slowly disintegrating there.

(Excuse the greasyness, we were definitely front of the barrier for Lady Gaga at this point)

Is anyone else going to V? Or any other festivals?? Exciiiited???


Something Good Can Work

Happy March!

Another month gone already. Granted, it's the shortest one of the year, but it still feels as though Christmas was only the other week. The repeatitiveness of each week makes them go so fast, uni, break, work, uni, break work...such a boring little life!

There's only a month to go before all my work is due in, and then it's Easter and I'm pretty much done for the year. Then it'll be nothing but weeks and months of summer to look forward to...
Got some work experience lined up for the Easter Holiday & Summer though, so hopefully that'll stop me going too stir crazy during the endless days of nothingness. Might have to get another job to fill the days/nights...especially as I'm planning to stay in Southampton most of the Summer. EURGH student life. It's two extremes, constantly busy with no time to think then sweet f all to do the rest of the time.

I went to see No Strings Attached this evening, with Alix, Prue and Leanne. I really am getting the most out of the Orange Wednesday Tickets recently!
It was nice to see Natalie Portman in a slightly less disturbing role, though her neurotic character still had issues - 'intimacy' ones to be precise.
The film was based on the premise of 'Friends with Benefits' - having a relationship based purely on sex with no strings attached. None of the complicated business of being in a relationship; jealousy, arguments...all that lovely stuff that comes with being a couple.

Without giving the ending away, it's a stereotypical happy conclusion - completely unrealistic and sappy.

It was an enjoyable film though, with a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and memorable quotes including:
"You fight like a hamster"
"It's like a crime scene in my pants" (sick, but hilarious)

It's one of those films that you can't help but thinking into more; can this sort of relationship really exist? Can you just have a purely physical relationship, without any of the messy emotional stuff?

There are people who say it can, and others who disagree completely.
I think that the fact that you like someone enough to sleep with them surely means there is some sort of emotional connection there, you wouldn't have sex with someone you didn't fancy surely?!

Maybe it's the stereotypical thing that boys can detach themselves from their emotions whereas girls just can't (although this idea is reversed in the film).

Emotions always get in the way, there isn't a magic button to switch them off, and you have to deal with them eventually, whether it's at the start of a 'relationship' or somewhere in the middle.

What do you think - can you just be friends with benefits? Does such a thing exist?