Gold Dust

It's nice to see that stranger we all know and love, the Sun, making a rather dazzling appearence today. Just a bloody shame I was stuck in work all afternoon, and I couldn't even admire the glorious day from a window because Next only has one on the shop floor - and it's in the home department. The lucky swines.

One thing I came to realise today is one of the skills you're not aware you need working in retail until it comes to actually needing it: talking with your mouth full.
YES, this is a pretty grim habit, BUT essential at times.
Me and my manager Nimm were having a serious energy dip this eve, so had to invest in a few cheeky sweeties to give us a bit of a sugar rush. All very well and good, until a customer wants to ask you something and you can do nothing more than gaze at them like a rabbit trapped in the headlights. All the while you're desperately chewing as fast as your aching jaws can manage, without making it totally obvious you're a massive pig who can't go more than ten minutes without the need for nourishment.

So you have to master the art of talking while hiding said sweet in the side of your mouth, rather like a hamster. Works like a treat, as long as it isn't a whole jelly snake or something. Then you could look as if you have the mumps or something, never a good look.
Got quite a busy ol' week lined up, uni tomorrow and wednesday -pause for cheers- then I'm helping my housemate Ross out by being an extra in his movie. I'M GONNA BE FAMOUS!!!
Well, not quite but I do get a free trip to the Isle of Wight out of it and I've been promised free chips and ice-cream on the beach so that'll do me :)

After than it's the last Carnage of the year - Frocks VS Jocks. One of the lamest themes so far but ah well, gonna stick some shoulder pads under my tee, some black paint on my face and hey presto, GO TEAM!

Ooh something quite exciting, got a call today from the lovely Alice who works at the BBC about appearing on a show about turning 21 in 2011. Had a good ol' chinwag with her and she says if all goes to plan she'll be coming to Southampton soon to get a proper interview.
So I may be famous after all ;) Pahaa.
Then on Friday we've gotta pick our options for final year, eeeeek!!
Scary important decision times :/
Definitely know what I wanna do for my Final major Project but there are sooo many options to choose from I'm a bit overwhelmed!
There's a lecture about it all on Fri, so hopefully that'll make things a bit clearer :)

Anyways I've rambled on long enough so I'll leave you all to the rest of your monday evening.

Ciao for now :)


  1. So glad the sun is back! Although it's still deceptively cold outside

    I live on the Island, dreary as fuck down here, but hope you have a nice time x

  2. Great post! And nice blog too! X.

  3. Emily: I know, yesterday was chilllly!
    Today's pretty lush though, defo got away with not wearing a coat!
    Ahh cool, I've never been before so really looking forward to it! Thanks love :)

    Lynn: Thaanks!! You too, love your header! Did you make it yourself??



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