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Good Evening!

I was planning on doing a post about my trip to Isle of Wight yeterday but the camera with all the piccies on is currently sitting in someone's car :/ So I shall have to wait until that's retrieved to show you all!

It was a pretty fun day though, but I discovered that the life of an extra is not a glamourous one, and comprises of repetition and lots of waiting around. Add to that it was freezing cold and there was a ridiculous gale blowing constantly (playing extreme havoc with my hair, I was NOT ready for my close up!) and the fact I'd had about 3 hours sleep the night before and by the end of the day I was cream crackered.

But there is no rest for the wicked, as last night was the last Carnage of this uni year, so I had to throw some dinner down my throat and run round to Alix's house to get ready as soon as the ferry touched down in Soton. The theme was 'Jocks vs Frocks', a pretty poor idea and quite hard to think of costume ideas for. We got some football socks and painted black stripes on our faces and job done!

Me and Alix, looking very un-jock like

The night was cut a little bit short by a slightly drunk Alix...but was fun while it lasted. I didn't mind going home early too much in fact, we had uni at 11 and it was a lecture about our third year options that we didn't wanna miss. So Alix, I thank thee for consuming ridiculous amounts of booze, you helped me make the decision about my future!

I thinnk I'm pretty much decided on what I wanna do...still umming and ahhing a bit about my second semester option and the FMP. I'm definitely doing Film Journalism though, which I'm really excited about as I'm a film geek anyway and it means watching a film every week. Win!

All these decisions about my course that feel so important seem so petty after what's happened in Japan. I was glued to my TV watching the news footage of the Tsunami sweeping away the towns like they were made of paper. Whether it's because of the moon, or another sign of the end of the world, it definitely makes you stop for a minute and realise that the stuff you spend so much time worrying about really isn't that important. So what if your make-up hasn't gone right this morning, or the top you want has sold out in your size; think of all the things you do have.
Life is never as bad as it seems, and things like this really give you perspective.


  1. Anonymous11/3/11 21:00

    great post... It's so awful what has happened in Japan, I was watching that on the news earlier in which all the houses weere being swept away, it was horrendous :(

    ps: well done to Alix ha

  2. Thank you love.
    I know, it just makes me feel really helpless! I was just sitting there watching it but can't actually really do anything about it :/
    Hmm let's just hope things don't get any worse for them!

    Haha she definitely feel like she'd done a good job this morning...mega hangover!x

  3. Anonymous11/3/11 21:15

    lol aw bet she did. oh the joys of bein a student haha

  4. love this post, so true about putting your life into perspective! also loving the carnage photo, I missed the last one of the year due to illness, gutted! great blog though :) xx

  5. Thank you love!
    Aww noo, there's always next year though right! ;)
    Thaanks, you too!
    Your book of style is such a good idea, may have to start making me one of those!
    I had a big collage on one of my walls but unfortunately couldn't take that with me to uni lol :( x

  6. You are very adorable jocks!

  7. Thank you love! We try ;) x


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