7 days

Has it really been that long?!
I don't know where the heck time goes at uni but a week has just gone by and I literally don't know what I've done during those days. Apart from get extremely wasted on St Patricks Day...perhaps that whole night has just removed my memory for that whole week?
Maybe I should lay off the white lightning...or not. I must admit to whole heartedly loving my beverage, the number one choice of tramps up and down the country.

It's coming up to that time again when all my uni work is due in. Yess I've had since Christmas or whenever to do it, but I had other important stuff to do that meant I could only start it now...like going out and things.

It's not too bad actually, this is the first time I'm actually pretty much on top of it, if not slightly ahead dare I say? The geek in me has come out in full force this term, about time I guess.

I'm in two minds about everything atm. Hello schizo.
I can't wait for this work to be handed in, but then I'm gonna be bored and wish I had something to do.
I can't wait for summer but then I'm not actually doing anything spectacular (apart from V of course) and I'm just gonna be stuck in Soton working.
I can't wait for third year and the new house with the girls and a fresh start with everything but am I gonna miss the old stuff?

There's not long left at all now and it's getting to that scary stage where everything seems to be going a bit too fast...
Things are SO different to how they were a year ago. It was all so fun and fresh and exciting. I guess this is growing up?
God it sucks.
Take me back to the days of Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy and the most important decision I had to make was what TV show to watch after school.

Where the heck is Peter Pan and his bloody Neverland when you need him?!

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