I Don't Wanna Care Right Now


I can't believe I've not posted in that long...these uni deadlines have stolen all my attention the swines.
And even though I still have three to go, they're after Easter so right now - who gives!

Just had a well deserved lay-in, the first proper sleep I've had in bloody ages. Glorious times.

I haven't even got that much to say that isn't about uni work...gosh my life has become a boring pit of despair.

I did the whole Black Swan thing. The costume was awesome, unfortunately I got completely wasted before people were ready to go to the club so I wasn't allowed out and passed out anyway :( After causing myself a whole host of injuries from falling down the stairs and rolling around in some broken glass for giggles. AND for a terrible moment I thought I had broken my precious Blackberry. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT STAND ON BLACKBERRY.
And the worst part is that there weren't even any pictures!! My costume was awesome if I do say so myself, mainly because the wonderful Leanne did my make-up (she studies it at Solent) so it was pretty much perfect!
All that matters I guess is that I beat the OTHER girl who had the cheek to go as Black Swan too.
She looked shit.

Here are some piccies of my girlies, who all looked awesome and managed to remain conscious enough to enjoy (some) of the night:

 Tash - Bond Girl, Alix - Pebbles, Prue - Lara Croft
Leanne - Alice in Wonderland

Urrrm had a really nice week after this INCIDENT and despite my uni deadlines, hung out with my bez loads which was cool as now we're finished for Easter I won't see them that mucccch. Sucky times, but hopefully my work experience will keep me busy.

Yup, I finally did something productive and bagged myself some cheeky w/e at Aceville Publications.
They're a little publishing house in Essex that do the majority of the top craft magazines on the market (including my mum's all time fav Crafts Beautiful - she keeps insisting I steal her stuff from their offices).
I'll be splitting my time between there and a jewellery magazine I do believe.
It's a 9-5 day which is gonna be one hell of a shock to the system after my usual 2 half day week. Add that to the hourish train journey, I literally am gonna have to wake up at 6 am. This sickens me, I only see this time if I haven't gone to bed yet.
Should be worth it though!

Right now everyones gone home for Easter pretty much, just me and Ross left in the house and my baby Hector is already back in Essex :(
I may despise him most of the time but I do actually miss the little fiend now he's gone!

Gonna spend the rest of the day waiting for Jersey Shore to finish downloading and watching the whole thing.
I watched a couple of episodes with my bez Laura yesterday and was like WHY THE HECK HAVE I NOT BEEN WATCHING THIS?!?
It's awesome, so wonderfully tacky.
Though, I did cringe at drunk Angelina, who reminded me somewhat of myself drunk...eeek.

And then I guess I'd better pack as I head back to ESSEX tomorrow!
Got a cheeky little visit from Alix to look forward to, can't wait to show her that THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX!

Have a good weekend :D


  1. Anonymous2/4/11 22:06

    Great to see a post from you =)

    Uni work literaly takes over ur life at this time of year doesnt it haha.

    I actually laughed when I read you passed out before you even left for the club, bad times lol

    Shame you didnt get a pic of you as the black swan... The make-up looks so difficult I wouldnt even attempt to do it lol

    Well done on the work experience find too.


  2. Aww thanks love! :)

    It reallly does, it's awful! I felt like I haven't had a spare moment to do anything! (Except get ridic drunk obviously haha)

    It was soo bad...I really wanted to go out as well!
    My friends thought I was dead I was thaaat drunk...not good.
    Funny though.

    I know! :( Yeah my friend does it for her course so she did it so well! If I'd have tried I'd have just looked like I'd cried with a loada mascara on lol.

    I'm excited...bit nervous though!
    Plus the early start is just gonna killl me.

    Hope you're good :) x


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