Farewell to the Fairground...

...or hello, seeing as it's just arrived.
And hello to Southampton, which is where I am once again, after a perfectly acceptable coach journey free from smelly people but abundant in air conditioning. 

Me and Alix enjoyed a laavely sunny afternoon yesterday, strolling around, stopping at various places for food/beverages/ice creams. There was slight devastation when the ice cream man DIDN'T HAVE ANY SPRINKLES but I just had to get over it, whilst weeping into my naked ice cream cone.

Prue came to meet us and we paid Miss Natasha Barker a little visit to wish her a verrry happy 22nd birthday!! Which we are going to celebrate in true style on Tuesday at the event entitled:
The Only Way is Natasha Barker
Reem times ahead. I hope to be so bronzed my ethnic origin is actually thrown into debate. 

We then took a trip to the fair. Pikey alert.
We wasted many precious pennies, got battered and bruised, and a few tears were shed (mainly of laughter) but it was a gigglesome time.
APART from the bumper cars....mine decided not to go forwards, but instead to spin in a continuos circle. It was very embarrassing when small gypsy children were whizzing past me and I could do nothing but  whirl around on the spot. So much for a nice little cruise. 

My healthy eating kick (after putting on a ridic amount of pounds at Aceville) started today with a glorious home-made salad. This was no ordinary lettuce and cucumber affair, I went all out. Well and truly pimped that veg.

Sickeningly healthy

Me and Alix and the cause of our injuries

Prue and Spongebob (she won him out of one of those impossible claw machines. Jel)

 Prue and Alix, before Prue nearly died of pure fear

Someone do all my uni work for me now?
Thanks :)

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