Gold Lion

I went to the zoo.

We saw some meerkats

 And another one, posin'

 An albino wallaby

 I fed an elephant! Not this one, but its friend.

 There were some giraffes

And we got to feed some of them too :)

I do love the zoo. Especially on a gloriously sunny day as has been the case lately. Sorry for being obscenely British, but as soon as the weather does anything remotely interesting it becomes the main topic of conversation for anyone. My friend pointed this out to me as we were strolling around Colchester, observing its strange inhabitants. People pass each and for the brief moment they have in which to converse, the one thrilling subject they bring up is the presence of the sun. 'Lovely day isn't it?' Oh yes, now that you mention it, it is ridiculously warm isn't it? My retinas do feel slightly burnt after staring at that big yellow ball in the sky...

So it's been a whole week...life :

- I had my last day at Aceville. It was so weird waking up this monday and not going through the routine I'd gotten so used to. I have come to realise, I love routine. Organisation is awesome. All the girls signed a card for me, and I got a huuge box of goodies. Plus, they said they'd be happy to have me back again in the summer, so I won't be away from my beloved desk for too long hopefully...

- After spending FIVE HOURS in the hairdressers, I managed to have my hair dyed 3 times to...the exact same colour. Which although quite annoying I also found quite impressive.

- Mine and Alix's Essex weekend was interesting. Riverside (motherfucker) hotel was alriiight. A bit rough around the edges but it served its purpose. The toilet made for an excellent vomit vessel the next morning. Hangover from HELL. But millions of hours of Jersey Shore made up for it. I got Alix hooked, mua haha.

- I went to visit my friend Bob for a few days, we had a laavely bbq (I provided a gorgeous salad and Pimms) and went to Colchester Zoo, hence the animal piccies. Lots of sun, films, Xbox, tea and general giggles was had, as always.

- I've only got one day left at home in Essex then its back down south on Sunday. Which thanks to all this Easter/Royal Wedding business (which I am so sick of I will literally vomit the next time I see a Union Jack) is a heck of a palava. 6 changes on various buses and trains means that I'm going back to the ol' coach...please god let the air con be working and there be no passangers on board who have odour issues...

Oh and I have ten tons of uni work to catch up on. Loving life.


  1. i love going to the zoo! great pics :)
    and i didnt think i'd ever come across another person who is sick of The Royal Wedding...i agree!!!
    nicola xx

  2. I love the zoo too! I went on Thursday actually, wasn't impressed though it didn't even have lions or tigers (or bears, oh my!)



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