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So after the hellish nightmare that was yesterday's journey, I was prepared for the worst today.
The signs seemed bad as the ticket machine kept angrily spitting my money back out at me. First it didn't like my £20 note, so I bought a hot chocolate to get some change. THEN I gave it too much money?! which it hated, so once again it rejected my dollah.
Thankfully I managed to get my ticket just as the train pulled up (on time!)

First change at Shenfield, about a 10 minute delay. Not too shabby.
Second change at Colchester, 10 minutes until a train to Hythe - ON TIME!
Public transport has redeemed itself...for now.
Getting my money back for my ticket yesterday cos I was more than half an hour late which is a pretty sweet deal!

I met the girls (from the station yesterday) at the level crossing, where we walked in the blustery misery that was today's weather. We were about half an hour early, so I got comfy at my desk only to be evicted by the real occupier. And so I moved accomodation, to a much more roomy desk downstairs with the Making Jewellery and Let's Knit ladies.

Once again I ploughed on with my projects today, got 7/8 written up in the morning. It's quite (dare I say it) cheesy writing; my music journalism lecturer, who despises mine and Maisies work for being too 'flowery' would probably tear up the copy but hey - it's what they want and I'm having tons of fun providing it! I then spent the afternoon in the photography studio!

I got to help Natalie, the Editorial Assistant and all round lovely person, style the shoots for the upcoming issue. Styling craft products might not seem exciting but it was actually quite fun to do, and a nice challenge trying to show everything off to its best.

I also got to help pick some prize winners AND I would have been living the dream and starred as a hand model in a demonstration BUT my garish nail varnish just wasn't suitable :( There's always next time though ;)

It was generally just a massive laugh, we got pretty much all we needed to do done but still had tons of fun, mainly from Natalie's hilarious anecdotes.
She works as a waitress a few nights a week and overheard a couple talking about Aceville and volunteered herself, as an employee, to answer any questions they had.
Little did she know, she was talking to the editor of British Food Magazine and her husband, one of the longest serving editors at the company.

Add that to stories of grannys spelling out expletives in Scrabble and before I knew it, it was 5.30 again and time for home (aka bed)

I'm having a brilliant time, and I feel really lucky to have landed such an awesome placement :D

Here's another outfit piccy, it sucks cos I hate taking photos of myself and I also happen to be terrible at it.

Spotty dress, H&M; Leopard print jacket, H&M; Clock necklace, Matalan

I wore this with my brown leather and (fake) shearling boots.

5.45 might be disgustingly early but I'm looking forward to another day at Aceville!

Nighty night :)

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