Broken Record


It was most definitely a treaty day today. My favourite kind ;)

There was a beauty sale at Aceville today, which I'd been hearing good things about practically since I arrived. Lots of high end designer brand products, make up and body, are knocked down from their usual ridiculous prices to just pounds. I was pretty excited, but wasn't prepared for the chaos that was to come...

At lunchtime, 1pm dead on, a surge of all the girls from the craft offices swarmed next door to the other titles' headquarters. And layed out on tables were piles of make up, creams, lotions and potions. Usually polite girls turned into vultures, grabbing products with insane speed and loading up carrier bags to the brim. I was on the look out a new face powder and an eye cream for the mother.

I spent just £9 and when I totalled the RRP's of my purchaches it came to a HUGE £108.88!!
And here's what I nabbed for myself:

 Glo minerals redness relief powder (for the sister), Barefaced mineral foundation (in Promise), Lily Lolo mineral cover up (in Blush Away), Lily Lolo mineral blusher (in Ooh La La), Lush Dream Cream, Lush colour supplement (in dark yellow) and a Natorigin eye pencil (in black)

After the recent beauty buzz on mineral make up, I'm excited to try my products out to see if they live up to the hype!

It was another busy day as we're about to go into press week. I wrote up another four big projects, and read over some more proofs. Definitely going to be sad to leave tomorrow, I've really got on well with everyone and I love my little desk :( It will be nice to have a bit more sleep though, not that much is going to be happening this weekend with Alix coming down!

When I got home there was another little pressie from my parents...

The new Harry Potter DVD! In a limited edition Dobby case, to add to my collection ;)


Home made chocolate and pineapple cupcakes, really a treat for the Aceville girls but I had a cheeky few ;)

Just had a quick trip to the hairdressers, as I need a major barnett rehaul.
They took a sample of my hair to test in a bleach bath, as I'm planning on going lighter for le summer. Fingers crossed it doesn't dissolve...I also had a skin test, ridiculous as I've dyed my hair literally every month since I was 12. If all goes to plan I will have perfect hair by Saturday afternoon! :D


  1. Those cupcakes look yummy!
    my Fingers are crossed :)

  2. So jealous about your beauty sale buys... I use mineral foundation and love it :-)...

    Also... The cupcakes!!!! wow lol

    You ready or the last Harry Potter this summer?
    I kinda missed the whole Harry Potter craze when I was younger... But me and my boyfriend recently watched all the films back to back, so I'm a 'newbie fan'... Have you read the books?


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