And what a glorious day it was. Everything seems better in the sun doesn't it? I think it was the hottest day ever recorded at this time of year (according to the Metro). I'm definitely wishing I didn't leave my sunnies in Soton now! :(

The trains were behaving themselves again, so I was at work nice and early. It gave me the chance to watch The Wanted's latest video. No, I am not a fan. I hate them. Why they exist/have made it in the music industry perplexes me. But me and my friend Louise take great pleasure in mocking them, and she told me I had to watch their new vid for it's pure stupidity. It provided me with countless chuckles, but also left me cringing in my seat as they tried to be 'funny' for Comic Relief. Well done for the charity work guys but it still doesn't justify your total lameness. Not to mention the song SUCKS so bad.

Anyway work.
 I started off by helping Natalie finish off the styling shoots from yeserday. She was once again a fountain of ridiculous stories and general hilarity. Once I'd done that it was back to my projects. I had all my copy proof read and had to add a few extra details and then tomorrow they'll be ready to job bag!

Ahh yes, today I learnt the joys of job bags. After re-labelling about 7297324. My first menial task, but I still enjoyed it cos I read all the features inside!
Basically you put your text in an envelope with any pictures needed attached and label it. Then it goes to the design team who work their magic and voila! A shiny new magazine.

We went for lunch in a cafe by the river (/sludge pool) today to enjoy the sunshine. I swear, I must be working up some mega monster appetite because all I seem to do is eat! Though, it's hard not to be tempted, there's always a cake lurking around the office for some reason or another.

So here's what I wore today, another shocking picture of course:

Vest top, Topshop; Waistcoat, Lauras (cheeeeeky); Trousers, New Look, Necklace, Vintage

And here is my crafting debut!
Exciting, I know.
It's one of the girls, Tanya, birthday coming up so I thought well, I'm working at a craft magazine - I should make a card!
Luckily being the obsessive craftee she is, my mum has an endless supply of cards, papers, ribbons and embellishments, so I had a limitless choice.

Here is the finished project, a vintage inspired design focussing on the current nature trend in craft. (Baha)

I <3 craft.
Someone get me a blue rinse and some beige clothes please.
NO crafting is trendy. Just look at the number of blogs focussing on it!
Why buy products you could just as easily make, and add a personal touch to?!

Now its time for Masterchef, The Model Agency, Jersey Shore and bed. With a dash of brownies and cream in between.

*Yes this is a song, and not just a day of the week. My title theme continues!

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