Flash Delirium

DAY 6/1

So it was back to the horrific wake-up time today as I started my second week at Aceville. I'm not gonna lie though, I definitely leapt out of bed when my alarm went off. Alarmingly, I bounded straight onto my laptop but as it's a large pile of junk anyway I'm not too fussed.

I wrote up some more projects today, this time for July's issue which is so weird as it seems aggges away. The weather has been more than appropriate though, so it's been easy to write about long summer days and hot beaches.
Hello rain. I'd forgotten about you, the worst form of precipitation.

I also got a chance to see the first mock-up of my copy now that the design team have added the pictures and funky fonts and laid it out.
So exciting!
It's all looking really good so far, a few more last-minute edits and it'll be ready to come out mid-may :)

One drawback though...I have to provide a picture to go in the magazine and after desperately scouring Facebook I realsed that:
50% of the time I have facepaint/stupid costumes on
10% of the time I'm wasted
10% of the time I have innapropriate, ridiculous coloured hair
10% of the time it's a picture of me as a baby or my dog, which my mum has tagged.

So my sister just tried to take a nice one of me, all smiley and that, but I have an unfortunate condition which means that when I grin I look like Michael McIntyre.
So I've given up for now...they can just use a picture of a cat or something.

Too lazy to take an outift picture, plus feel hideously depressed after the failed photo sesh.
Dark, dark days.

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