Spanish Sahara

View over Crouch End, London, from the Ally Pally hill

Ahh the weekend. A time for lay ins, full english breakfasts, and general laziness.

I didn't have to wake up until 9 today, which would have been an arduous task before this week, but now was a welcome relief from the pre-dawn starts I've gotten used to.

Me and the mother had a good ol' wander round the craft show at Ally Pally, which was huuuuge! It was jam-packed as well; you'd be surprised at how sharp some of these meek little crafters elbows become when they're cramming to get the first look at the bargains!

She spent her hard-earned dosh from making cards/wedding invites on some lovely bits to add to her stash; taking my insider knowledge on the best products to buy of course ;)

I got some gorgeous little charms to get my jewellery making started. I couldn't wait to start making one as soon as I got home, and this is the result:

I used some coloured crystal beads to jazz it up a bit. I'm slightly obsessed with owls atm so HAD to have this one, and I'm such a tea-a-holic that this little tea-pot made me laugh and I couldn't resist it.

Got a few more including an anchor, a dragonfly, and a skull&crossbones (nice and gothic) but I'm gonna wait until a cheeky visit to Hobbycraft to get some more beads and maybe some black leather cord...

I cleaned out Heccy this afternoon, and he's currently working off the wotsits (his new favourite treat) by having a run around in his ball, aided by my doggy Nelson.
Here's a piccy of them togeths, it looks like they're looking at each other - too cute!

I hope everyone's enjoying soaking up this glorious sun!
I'm jel of everyone having bbqs...ours got rusty so we had to bin it :( Already had a Maccy D's though and daddy's going to the chippy later ;) So can't complain!
But I've definitely already put on about a stone being at home...oops.
Gonna have to get my healthy eating back on when I get back down South...naaaaaaat!

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