So...hello heatwave. Welcome to England, so nice of you to join us...IN APRIL?!
What is this madness, we have well and truly messed up the planet if the supposed WETTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR is like this!
Don't mistake this for complaining, it's glorious but just ever so strange.
I guess I shouldn't question and enjoy, as is often the best method to take in life.

So it was the end of my first week at Crafts Beautiful today!
What a week!
I've had a love/hate relationship with the trains; we've fallen out and made up again and now we're on speaking terms and the relationship is fairly steady.

BAD start to the day, my oj decided to create a nice little swimming pool in the bottom of my bag so everything was lovely and moist. Not what you want, but in this weather who really cares, it dried in like 30 seconds/3 hours!

I wrote some more news stories today.
DID YOU KNOW Mr. Pritt Stick, (yes, he has an actual title), the undisputed king of all that is adhesive, is now environmentally friendly?!
Epic news, I know. Take a moment to process the information.
Nah I may mock but I'm still having so much fun, and it's all good practice, especially as the stories are only about 70 words and being concise is not my strongpoint!

In other, more exciting news, today was...
wait for it...

I couldn't hide my excitement when I was informed that all the upstairs team brought in a different cheese, with one person suppling the crackers aka 'The Cracker Kid'. And then you basically stuff your face with different cheeses all day.
It was as glorious as it sounds.

I also wrote a couple of the giveaway stories, and then as I had done everything I needed to do I was allowed to go home an hour early!
So I was able to get my tan on for a while at the station ;)

I'm so exhausted now though; I fell asleep on the train and woke up at my stop literally as it was about to go. I would have been in London hating life if I hadn't.

I totally forgot to take an outfit picture today! Just got into my pjs without thinking. It was nothing spesh anyway, just a long vest top, denim shirt and tights!

In some VERY exciting news, Alix booked our hotel for next weekend!
Baha because it would have been £70 to get a taxi back from Colchester, where we're going out, on saturday night/sunday morning, we thought we may as well pay £50 and stay there AND get a full english brekkie in the morning! Sweeeet like tropicana, as she'd say.

NOW of course it's time for Jersey Shore. I'm so addicted, it's unreal.

And tomorrow I get a (sort of) lay in then me and the mother are going to Ally Pally! Very excite to start building my jewellery making collection.

Hope everyones start to the weekend was good!

Laters taters.

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  1. Sweet like tropicana indeed..I was actually thinking it in my head.

    It's like you read minds..

    PAHA, i'm glad you're getting into this jewellery making malarky. When should i be expecting my very own Seoana special design? haha.

    Enjoy your lie in babycakes!



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