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*annoying dun dun dun bit*

So yesterday the only way was Natasha Barker. And on her day of birth, she decided that she wanted nothing more than to see all of her friends dressed up as complete tools like the simple minded stars of TOWIE. Alix and I translated that as complete and utter tack-fest.

We hit the chavviest, most sequin infested cheapskate shops we could find, hunting down the most horrific ensembles (matching of course) that we could find.
And, even in my own humble opinion, we most definitely succeeded.
Here is the dazzling evidence:

I smashed my tanning goal, and achieved the most glorious orange glow that even David Dickenson himself would have been proud of. Set off with my emebellished white floaty number and a Snooki sized beehive, I was well and truly representing my roots.
I literally don't understand how people can tan for nights out, let alone every day. It's the most ridiculously tedious lengthly procedure that I found thoroughly miserable. I guess these things have to be done in the aid of a birthday party!

It was most definitely a winning day yesterday, when I was out shopping with my nan (cupboard, fridge & freezer are now well and truly stocked to the point of bursting), I found out that we were able to pay the deposit for our third year trip to China. A WHOLE WEEK AND SOMETHING BEFORE LOANS ARE DUE IN!! Argh.
After the most rapidly sent email ever and an urgent phone call to the mother I paid my £100 deposit, so I am definitely on my way to Bejing in January 2012.

Great Wall of China, Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs and much more to come!

Considering I've been on a plane once, to Spain, which was an hour, the ten hour flight and jet lag is going to be something of a shock I reckon! Definitely worth it though.

9 months and counting!

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  1. Im reading this and watching TOWIE at the same time, lovely glow lolz



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