Word Up


And what a day it was.
It's getting to the final stages now, so everyone's really hectic. There's all the copy to finish, then proof reading it a billion times, making the final edits, editing the final designs...the list is endless!

I feel really lucky to be able to see all the time, effort and processes that go into publishing a magazine, it's really given me an insight into the practical world behind all this fancy writing we do on my course.
And thankfully it hasn't put me off wanting to pursue a career in journalim, only made me more inspired to ace my degree so I can get a top job!

I completed writing and editing two double page jewellery projects, and did a little interview feature about the rising trend in typographic jewellery, which I thought I'd show you some of.

I've always lusted after a tatty devine name necklace, but the hefty price tag has always put me off. Researching for this feature I found that there are so many other options out there, all playing with fonts and words to create original accessories that do the talking for you!

This pieces are from the Etsy store TICKETTE, which was founded by two student friends, Tal and Ellia. They've redefined the meaning behind jewellery by using the piece itself to express what it is, as in their 'earring' earring. I love their doodle necklaces too, which are all totally original as they're free-hand scribbles which are made using fine metal-work techniques.

Toronto based designer Berdene uses symbols in bold, bright plastic to create statement pieces that transform things we read and write everyday into something wearable and unique.

Stars & Scars takes inspiration from everyday phrases and is also influenced by celebrity culture, for example, she made a Charlie Sheen 'winning' necklace shortly after his crazy breakdown. Who doesn't want one of those?!

And here's the Tatty Devine name necklace, which I still go as far as designing, and then close the page sadly when I realise I don't have the pennies to spare.

Sighhh...to be limitlessly rich eh!


  1. oo i love the alphabet one :) x

  2. love all the pieces! sounds like youre having a good week :)
    nicola xxx

  3. They're awesome aren't they, I'm definitely gonna be tempted to part with my pounds come payday!

    I'm loving it, gonna be sad to leave! :(


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