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Seeing as it's a Sunday, the day of rest and all that, I thought I'd take a break from the usual wordy posts and do something a bit different, which I'm thinking about making a regular feature. It's pretty standard blogging practise; I'm going to focus on one person's (i.e. a celebrity) style which I've particularly liked this week, and do a little 'how-to' on how to emulate one of their looks.

I'm gonna start with my ultimate style crush, Fearne Cotton. She ALWAYS looks good, she manages to pull off outfits that would leave most people looking like a circus clown.
She stays true to her own views on fashion and tastes, and always looks original compared to some of the manufactured celebs out there.
She of course has her own range at Very.co.uk, which has key pieces influenced by the season's trends but with her own spin.
I like the fact that she often wears clothing from smaller, less well known brands on TV appearances (Celebrity Juice for example), and doesn't give in to following the crowd.
Add to that gorgeous hair and flawless make-up, and what's not to love??

Serious hair envy

Working the faded-colour trend for her own line at Very

Here she is working one of this seasons hottest new/old trends; the coloured skinny jean. Once the staple part of any 16 year old emo's wardrobe, they've made a come back this year in more muted, pastel shades to give a more classic spin.

My internet is being digustingly slow atm so I'm trying to source pictures for my little what-to-wear but alas, it's being a mega fiend.

The best place to find a similar pair of lemon coloured skinnies is Cheap Monday at Asos, and Amerian Apparel are best for jersey basics, to get the layered look that Feane has here.
Hopefully next week the internet will permit me to do what I actually want!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)

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  1. Anonymous10/4/11 21:18

    ooo I love Fearne, and her make-up in that first pic looks amazing x


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