Sun Comes Up


So summer seems to have arrived and neglected to tell us.
What another wonderful day, which I actually got to enjoy on my lunch break, in a 'secret garden' which was actually a patch of grass by some flats. But a pretty patch of grass nonetheless.

I finished writing up all my copy! It's now in the hands of the design team, and I'll get to see what it looks like printed up next week!
I was allowed to write the leader, which is the introductory paragraph to the booklet. AND I got to sign it off 'Seoana Sherry-Brennan, Editorial Junior'.
Whey hey ;)

Now I've been assigned to write the news stories for the MAIN magazine. I'm going up in the world! Next week, editor!
Baha it's exciting how much I've been allowed to do, kinda scary but it was such a good feeling handing my copy in knowing that it's going to be read by thousands of crafters!

Lizzie gave me some really cute russian doll beads after I noticed them in one of her features and I made a bracelet with them when I got home from work. (After stuffing my face with 24203 grams of food first of course.)
Here's another (v. poor quality) picture:

I'm gonna look for some more beads when I go to Alexandra Palace for the craft fair on Saturday. By I, I of course mean mummy ;)

Here's what I wore today. Quite a neutral colour theme, to match my slightly dreary mood due to my extreme tiredness. It of course improved when I got into work <3

Vest top, H&M; Jumper, Sainsburys; Shorts, H&M

Now once again, Jersey shore & bed time. I don't mind the quiet (aka excrutiatingly boring) evenings this week, as next weekend will be pretty mental when Alix comes up. EXCITED MUCH.

Laters taters.

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