Back to Black*

I am a terrible blogger.
To be fair, I do blame my life. It's been disgracefully uneventful. To say it's been boring would be a lie, I've done a lot of fun things. 
Had a standard Tuesday Bedford Place night out with the girls, during which Maisie pretty much destroyed her ankle and  a broomstick became our new best friend. 

However, thanks to my good friend Alix there is finally something worthy of a post.

Oh the humble carrot. Alix decided to purchase a kilogram of the bad boys and then bugger off back home for the weekend. So I was given the pleasure of taking them off of her hands.
Tons of carrot-infested salads were my first thought. But then I was like hold up, let's get creative Seoana. Switch on that dusty brain of yours and whip up some tasty treats.

And, not to blow my own trumpet, but I bloody did. 

Here is yours truly enjoying some glorious carrot and cheddar soup. At first, I was dubious about the flavour combo but seeing as cheddar is one of my favourite cheeses and cheese is pretty much my favourite food I thought I'd give it a shot. 
It was pretty easy, fry some onion and boil up your carrots and a potato in some chicken stock. I then blitzed the whole thing with some cheese, added some milk and seasoning and the perfect healthy meal! Which is a brilliant start to my new diet - SOUP. Tons and tons of soup. It was all going so well on day one (yesterday) until I was brought a cheese burger after a night out boozing. I literally inhaled it. Disappointing.

As my mother is a bit of a baking legend around these parts, I decided to do her proud and turn my hand to a spot of cake making. And with hundreds of carrots still littering the kitchen, what else but carrot cake?

Again, pretty darn easy. A whole lot of grated carrot, self-raising flour, some spices, raisins and an eggy-sugary-oily mixture. Whack it in the oven for 45 mins and voila. I iced it with an orange cream cheese and icing sugar concoction which is pretty tasty. YES the soup diet is still in place, but carrot is a whole lot healthier than chocolate right?!

*(This title has 2 meanings; 1, my manager told me I needed to 'brighten up my autumn work wardrobe' because I wear too much black. I.E. I am a massive goth. 2, my friend commented on how my life resembled Amy Winehouse's. Beautiful. Someone pass me the coke! Cola, of course)


  1. Yum! I love carrot cake as long as it contains no raisins. I've just made a chocolate fudge cake which is delish!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog!
    Jade By The Sea


  2. Ahh I had to chuck a few raisins in there for a bit of variety ;)

    Oooh I'm well jel! I would defo be up for that but my healthy eating plan won't allow it! :(

    Thanks very much m'dear :) I'm just checking out your blog now, lovin it so far! :) x


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