Dust Bowl Dance

There has been another tragedy. 
Another death, in fact.
My iPod, god rest its tuneful soul, passed on last night.
It wasn't a shock, ever since the control pad had stopped working I knew it was on its way out. But it held on longer than any of us could have hoped for, still delivering music into my ears (all be it completely randomly, with no option to choose what to listen to).

There was another and more mourned loss that went with its demise though.
All of my music, every album and song I had bought/illegally downloaded/stolen from friends over the past 3 years is gone. My life's soundtrack is no more. The days will be silent, filled only with the sound of my gentle weeping.

Just kidding, I'm not quite that pathetic. Instead, I begin the long and arduous task of restocking my iTunes. Starting alphabetically, I will once again have a complete musical history of my life.
I'm on A.

In other less melancholy news, the quest for music led me on to thinking about the glorious musical extravaganza that will be V Festival 2011. And more importantly, what the heck I'm going to wear to it.

For me, it's a case of bringing as few clothes as possible, so it's vital to make choices that will be versatile and grime-proof. Grass and ketchup stains are not the fashion statement you wanna be making.
The first time I went I bought enough outfits for a week, little realising the traumatic journey I would have to make through the campsite to find a pitch, lugging a large suitcase with me. 
I will never make that mistake again. I don't think my back would forgive me.

So yes, less is definitely more. A pair of shorts can be transformed with a different top and accessories, so why bring more than one pair?! 
Festival virgins may rush out spending their pennies on Hunter Wellies in a sickening array of dazzling prints and colours, but most times they won't even be needed. It makes good sense to have some just in case (Reading last year also became known as Mudfest because of the slurry it became after a bucketload of rain) but don't part with tons of your cash for them.

This post has got me thinking about a 'Festival Essentials Guide', which I will do nearer the festival season. Thumbs up for planning ahead!

But in the mean time, here are two little looks I put together, of what I would be buying for this summer's events if I had a limitless supply of cash.
Come pay-day that MTV top will be mine, and I'm seriously considering a pair of cherry red Dr. Martens too, a good investment no? They'll last forever!

Look One
Look Two

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  1. R.I.P ipod :( sad times! hang on in there!
    and oooh i like both the looks! i might have to take a trip to river island to look at that playsuit..!
    nicola xx


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