Our days are numbered

 Well, mine definitely are anyway.
The Grim Reaper is hovering over me like a shadow, waiting for his moment to strike me down with his scythe. In the meantime, he is crashing cars into me and killing off my nearest and dearest. For just this moment, I received some terrible news. One of Bob's hamsters (we can not yet confirm whether it was Dash or Pebble as they are not at this time in our care) has passed away.

He's had them for over a year now, and they have provided a constant, if slightly irritating, source of companionship in that time. I challenge you to find me a sweeter image than the two of them running side-by-side in their wheel, absolutely content with their happy little lives. And now, there is no one for Dash/Pebble to run with. I only hope that she in turn does not perish of loneliness or sorrow. That would be too sad to comprehend.

RIP Dash or Pebble :(

In the meantime, my own little critter Hector is the same as ever. Deadly afraid of anything and everything, prone to taking chunks of my flesh and slightly overweight. He did have an interesting phase recently, where he took it upon himself to defy the hamster stereotype and build himself a nest birdie style. Since I destroyed it during the weekly (ha) cleaning process he doesn't appear to have had the energy or will to do so again unfortunately. 

I am too distressed to coherently blog about anything now. I am also slightly fearful for my life, so will spend the remainder of the evening constructing a death-proof bunker of sorts.

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