Ladies Night

Eat your heart out TOWIE

It seems that even this miserable weather couldn't dampen the spirits of the Ladies of Ascot, who flocked (quite literally, as you can see above) to the world-famous racing event today. 

The focus was off the horses momentarily and fixed firmly upon the women, more specifically their dazzling array of headgear. Princess Bea, you've got nothing on these gals.

While I was perusing this unique assortment of harebrained head-wear, it got me thinking about my own relationship with hats. Or rather, lack of it. I have my trusty Russian hat, which has served me through rainy winters and hair disasters on many an occasion. On top of my wardrobe also lies my battered straw trilby, a memento of V Fest 2009 that also signifies how I won my fight against death-by-trampling in the Pendulum mosh pit.

Asides from these two trusty companions, I haven't ever really delved that deep into the world of hats, I've dipped my toe and retreated due to fear of looking like a twat in a hat. 
But with festival season approaching, and a grown-out fringe that makes it impossible for my hair to look remotely stylish, I feel it's time to go swimming.

I gots to get me an animal hat! Or unleash my inner red-Indian and don a nice feather headress. Not OTT at all...

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