So summer is officially here. Though, I don't think anyone's bothered to inform the weather (unlucky Glasto goers!) It's such a quintessentially British pastime that I feel I have to mention it, especially considering its current state. I don't know what season to dress for when I get up in the morning, can I risk an outfit sans tights or do I need to be donning those 100 denier bad boys usually reserved for winter? To coat or not to coat - will a cardie suffice these changing days? 

One wardrobe wonder than manages to transgress the seasons and suit any kind of day, regardless of the bipolar weather, is the playsuit. Not only that, with a few accessory changes it can transform from a summery daytime look to a sultry evening ensemble. Never mind the slight complications they cause in certain necessary occurrences, it's definitely worth the extra toilet trouble.

Seeing as it's pay day tomorrow and I'm taking another trip back home to Essex, the temptation of shopping will be unavoidable. But instead of splashing my cash on numerous incomplete outfits, I'm going to be ever so clever and invest in a new playsuit for this season. Scouring online there's a few which I've got my eye on, it all rests on what Rayleigh high street has to offer!

And to go with the perfect day-night dress, the perfect day-night shoe - the wedge. Being of a somewhat lengthy stature (lanky) I never shop for anything with the slightest heel on. Even kitten heels are a no no, finding a pair of biker boots without a huge chunky heel was nearly impossible. I can walk in them adequately enough, it's just that ever since I went out in a killer red pair and was taller than everyone in the bar, including all the men, I've been put off appearing as some sort of side-show attraction whenever I go out. I might make an exception for a (small) pair of wedges, at least during the day time I can disguise myself in sunnies! (Weather permitting, of course)

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