Blackberry spies: Week 2

01. Watched The Notebook after getting in from a night out, mistake! 02. Cheeky Chimp ice cream from Asda, beautiful. 03. Found this 2 year old lemon while packing, memories. 04. Mine and Ross's bonfire. 05. Southampton Monopoly! 06. My new PUPPY Leela! 07. Celine's empty room. 08. Ross's empty room. 09. Disgusting rainy weather today. 

It's quite depressing that all I seem to have been doing lately is saying various goodbyes. Today, it was the turn of my house-mates Celine and Ross. Celine's headed back to the Netherlands, after completing a year's study in Southampton, and Ross is going to go and get a life, aka not be a student any more. While at times there's been enough tension in the house to bungee jump with, and it has fallen into a hideous state of disrepair as time has passed (the shower breaking for the THIRD time last week being the low point), it's served us well. I love my room, and have been much happier in this one than I was in halls, perhaps mostly to do with the double bed and the lack of dead animal smell that lurked in my old bedroom. Although I've got things just the way I want them, I'm looking forward to decorating a new room, and having a new space. Oh, and the fact that the new house will be clean. And ridiculously girly, I'm predicting lots of pink and glitter.

So now, as was the case at the start of the year, I'm stuck home alone. Bonuses: playing Glee soundtracks as loudly as possible, no mess & a constantly free shower. Negatives: It's too quiet (when Glee isn't blasting), I'm already bored (resorted to cleaning the cooker earlier, for twenty solid minutes) & I get scared of burglars/murderers/psychos breaking in and robbing and/or murdering me. 

I'm filling the days with working at the joyous Next, cleaning, sleeping and writing this thing. On Tuesday ex-housemate Tommy Loebell is coming for a one-night-only appearance to collect the rest of his possessions, (which clearly can't be that precious as he hasn't missed them this whole time), clean, drink cider and eat Ted's fish & chips which have been certified by us as the best in town. And then on Wednesday I get to home for a glorious 5 days! I'll be spending the time gorging on cakes, roast dinners and other glorious treats and catching up with some Essex chums. 

After that there's only 10 days left at Cromwell and it's MOVING DAY. 
But what I'm definitely more excited for is picking up our new PUPPY!
Upon hearing the news that my parents had picked out a new puppy I realised that I do in fact still have the mentality of a six year old, as all I could literally do was alternate between screaming 'puppy' and 'aww' for about 15 minutes. SO excited. Like Christmas in Disneyland. 

Now, on my first night alone *sobs* I'm going to spend about another two hours listening to Glee songs, then visit my favourite Guidos and Guidettes in Jersey Shore. Car-crash TV but so addictive. One episode and you're hooked, hands down more entertaining than TOWIE and Made in Chelsea mixed together in a sickening amalgamation of fake tan, false eyelashes, love triangles and hair extensions. Pretty terrifying idea for a monster that...

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