Daddy's Eyes

Happy Father's Day!

Coming home for the weekend I was able to spend the day with my daddy...well, watch him as he completed various DIY tasks assigned to him by my slave driver mother. Being somewhat of a short tempered man it was necessary to duck various flying objects at times, and listen to him rant in pure disgust at a plant. It was blocking his view of the TV, I guess I can see where he was coming from. Now as he finally sits on the sofa, playing LA Noire on the Xbox (luckily I'm around to give him a few hints and tips) I think he's finally enjoying the day dedicated to him. 

I appreciate my dad everyday of the year, but on this day especially I realise how much he has done and still does for me. Whether it's acting as a non-repayable banking service, or couriering me across the length and breadth of Essex, he always does so without the slightest grumble. This may be due to him being somewhat of a silent man, however it's understandable that he finds speaking a challenge when he has lived in a household of three strong-minded, opinionated and LOUD women. Throughout these years he has remained the level-headed, rational member of the family, putting up with three squawking females with the same serene sense of calm one might expect from a Buddhist monk. 

So I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to my wonderful dad, I hope you can (at last) have a lovely day. I'm thinking of everyone who doesn't have their dad with them today, I hope if that it's not been too hard for them.

I got a tad nostalgic and started rooting around in the old family albums, and found some quite classic snaps of me and the father which I thought I'd share, I'm sure that my gloriously chubby face will provide a good laugh anyway.

I fear I may have ruined his life as I just kicked the Xbox on my way to the sofa. Unfortunately I didn't inherit his grace and athleticism. Just his short temper.


  1. Love this post it's really sweet :)
    I used to have that saxophone that blows bubble too!


  2. awww such a cute post!
    i love how everyone is posting old photos of their dad's its so cute!



  3. Thanks girls :)

    OMG I literally remember it being my favourite thing EVER! Kids toys defo don't get cooler than that!

    I know it's been so much fun looking through them, baby photos are always a guaranteed lol!

  4. aw the old pics are so cute glad you had a nice fathers day with your dad :)i also had the bubble blowing saxophone hahaha great picture and fantastic post ! xoxo

  5. Thanks lovely, same to you! :)

    Haha it seems to be proving a popular toy of the 90's, I'm really tempted to track one down and see how good they are!

    Thanks again :) xxx

  6. Anonymous21/6/11 20:50

    Clearly you have photoshopped in some 90's bad shirt days, the only photo i'm almost smiling in is the one with me clutching a bottle of beer.
    I still have MY bubble sax in my panic room where i regularly parp along to Gerry Rafferty......oh God please end the pain


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