Shame For You

From her prom dress and trainer days, to designing a range for New Look, and on to becoming the face of Chanel, Lily Allen as always stood out for her style. Love her or hate her, she was a refreshing change in the music industry in terms of her music and her clothes. Since 'retiring' from the record industry she has pursued her passion for fashion with the opening of her vintage boutique store, Lucy In Disguise. 
Look at my awesome cropping skills. Naaaaaaat.

Needless to say, I was eagerly awaiting the moment she would reveal her wedding dress to the world. I was expecting something classic but original, with the quirky twist that she has become renown for. Instead, I got net curtains.

And from Chanel! Really Karl, I expected more. 1920's inspired, this is one piece of vintage that should have stayed in the past. Lily is a vision in lace that leaves me wishing I was blind. And the doily on her head isn't doing her any favours either.

Kate Middleton is obviously too busy performing her royal duties to have offered Lils any styling tips. A brave choice, but for me it just doesn't work at all. 

And bridesmaid Miquita Oliver didn't fare much better.

I mean, black heels with a peach dress? Come on Oliver, you have more sense than that! 
Known for her risqué, rock-chick approach to styling, this floaty dress does nothing for her. Waist up, it's fine, but then that horrific split just ruins it, and cheapens the whole outfit. 

Wonderful wedding, fashion fail.


  1. Is Miquita wearing that as a bet? She looks like a peach melba yoghurt I ate once.. yeurch!


  2. Gosh, what a pair of dresses. I hadn't seen any pictures from the wedding yet but I was imagining the dress not to be so 'net curtain esque' as you say.

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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