I Bring You Flowers

Wow, working life is hard. I'm not even working full hours yet and I'm already finding it nearly impossible to exist. I'm so tired ALL the time. I was literally crawling home from work yesterday, I'm fairly surprised I made it the whole way without collapsing onto the pavement and weeping. Maybe I missed an opportunity to make some extra pennies a la the Soton tramps...
Then I was in bed by 10pm. This is literally unheard of for me, I've tended to live a nocturnal lifestyle since coming to Solent, staying awake until the wee hours and sleeping through most of the day. Last winter, when the days were short, I swear I never actually saw any daylight at all. Hence, my vampire-esque complexion. English rose, pah! I'm paler than Casper, and not a fan.

After work today I took a little trip into River Island. I don't usually tend to shop there as I don't really ever find anything I like, I find everything's a bit...blah (for want of a better word). Perhaps 'meh' is a better explanation? Bland, like a rich tea biscuit. Though, I do love rich teas. But I didn't love River Island. I digress. 
However after spotting this MTV vest on their website and including it in this post, I've adjusted my opinion. My lovely parents in their doting nature read the post and saw me blabbering on about the vest and took a special trip into town to buy it for me <3
Unfortunately the retarded shop assistant (it was Bas Vegas, not a lot of surprise there) told them to get it 2 sizes bigger than my actual size...so they naively took her advice and got a size 14?! Of course, it looked like a sack. So they're very kindly ordering it online IN A SIZE 10 and let me keep the sack-version to exchange for something less tent-like. 

After trying on several different summery things, I opted for a really cute daisy top. I'd wanted something with daisies on for a while after my friend Eveey got this Topshop -dress. Plus it was exactly the same price, so saved me any of the hassle of working out how much I had left to spend/pay.

I thought I'd put together a few outfits to give myself an idea of what to wear it with, and it also doubles as a post. Gotta love a cheeky bit of time-saving!

Look 1

Look 2
Now time for some dinner (salmon and vegetables with cheese sauce, such healthy goodness) and The Apprentice, for my weekly fix of Lord Sugs.

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