Words I Never Said

It was only a matter of time. Since they burst onto our screens in a flurry of fake tan, false eyelashes and vajazzles, The Only Way Is Essex crew have become the celebrities that everyone is talking about. Magazines are filled with reports of their relationship break ups and make ups, they're even telling us how to get the Essex 'style'. I'll stick with my version of that for the time being thanks mags...

Speaking of fashion, TOWIE culture has been given one of the highest style accolades it could gain, having permeated the altar of all high-street fashion - Topshop. I found this out when a colleague, upon finding out I was returning to the famous county next week begged me to go to a Topman near me and pick him up a 'reem' shirt. After laughing solidly for about 5 minutes, I agreed, still not quite believing that such a thing existed. However, I got home and did some research and it turns out that this was no lie.

So if you're a die-hard fan, and it isn't enough to be a matching shade of mahogany as your favourite star, you can go one step further and declare your love across your chest. 
T-shirts have always been a way of expressing a message without words, from your taste in music all the way to political views. I find this whole concept really interesting, it's just one example of how fashion can be a powerful tool in many industries as well as fashion.

I did a little googling and found some really cool tees, the best of which were on the american apparel website. 
I desperately want an 'S' t-shirt (hint hint parents, this worked last time ;])
I kid, maybe this will be a pay-day treat. Slaving away at Next on a daily basis I definitely deserve something other than rent!

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