Yes, this is definitely in reference to the spice girls song. There is no other better track to express this sentiment. In fact...yes I'm going to have to quote the lyrics. Just for the memories:

"Goodbye my friend (I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here)
It's not the end (You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear)
So glad we made it,
Time will never change it,
No, no, no "

So very emotional.

Apologies for my lack of posting yesterday, I was making the most of my last evening with Bob. While it's kind of difficult to define our relationship, I can say quite truthfully that he is my best friend. Yes Bob, I'm afraid you are. Unfortunate for you I know.

I met him on my very first day in Southampton, where I've lived for nearly 2 years after moving here for uni. During that time we've had a tumultuous (love this word) relationship to say the least, but for the majority of the time we have had some bloody good fun, some of the most I've had in my whole time at uni. I could ramble on for about three days about all the brilliant memories, but that would only serve to bore you all and make me weep profusely.

As he has now finished uni for good he headed back to Essex today! I only live about half an hour away from him back home, but it's really weird to think that we won't be living in the same town any more. No more drunken 3am wake ups after a night out! I'll even miss those.

So instead of summing my week up in photos (which would be difficult any way as pretty much NOTHING happened) I thought I'd be all sweet and sappy and sum up me and Bob :)
I apologise if this sickens you, perhaps I should have put a warning message at the start of this post explaining it's unadulterated emotion-laden cringeyness. Yes, I could still do that as I am still typing but I'm going to choose not to, gutted.

Bye Bob! 
I know I'll be seeing you soon but still.
Miss you! x
This made me realise how much we heart dressing up. Next theme, zombies :D
Also, how shit my hair has been these past few years. Sorry about that, cheers for putting up with me and my ridiculous coloured mane :p

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  1. ah this is sad! It reminds me of when i left uni and having to say goodbye to all my housemates i lived with for two years who i dont get to see anymore because they are scattered all over the UK (and now the world).
    You'll have to make a conscious effort to see eachother regularly!! xx


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