The Rain Must Fall

There's nothing better than the tinkle of rain drops against the window as you sit in a warm and cosy room with a cuppa. Although, seeing as it is now summer a bit of the ol' sun wouldn't go amiss. My sympathies (and also smug laughter) goes out to those at Glasto. Let's hope they packed their scuba gear, and that they tied those tents down tight. Although, the image of hundreds of tents bobbing along a muddy river is quite amusing...

Although I'm expecting V to be a dry and warm experience (last time I got sunburnt!) there's always the fear that another dismal monsoon could strike again in August. So to be on the safe side, I had a look round for the perfect pair of wellies to protect my tootsies and dignity (losing your shoe in the mud and falling over is not a good look, tried and tested.) And the high-street has outdone itself this year. No longer just the footwear of choice for farmers, memories of the khaki, clumpy boots that I was forced to adorn on school trips as a child are long gone. Bright colours, patterns and embellishments have made these a lust-worthy wardrobe staple. 

As soon as I saw the words 'glow in the dark' I knew that these River Island beauties were the ones for me. My penchant for glow-sticks has been taken to a whole new level. And I'll never get lost, bonus! I opted for the coral version, but I'm insisting that my festival buddy Alix get this glorious green pair so that we can light up Hylands Park together.

Now those are some wellingtons that William himself would be proud of. And I'd definitely be impressed if for £25 they granted wishes too. Top of the list - NO RAIN FOR V!

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  1. Haha I used to love William's Wish Wellingtons! I've got some black Hunters but glow in the dark wowww! I bed William would've wished he had those!



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