If You Got The Money

I voted for the first time last year, while I was living in halls. I voted Conservative, because unlike the party in charge at that time, Labour, they promised not to increase student tuition fees.
Obviously, that was a load of bollocks. 

The coalition government's decision to increase the maximum cost of university fees to a ridiculous £9,000 has meant that for many people hoping to further their education, it simply isn't an option available to them any more. The chance to continue studying in the hope of a more successful career and a better standard of life has been snatched away from many, despite hundreds of protests to prevent this. 

But what the Prime Minister didn't foresee was the amount of universities that would opt to up their fees. My own, Southampton Solent, has put yearly tuition costs up to over £7,000. While many will be put off by the price, university attendance figures are still set to be high. This means that more student loan will have to be dolled out, and this is funded  by that clever little government of ours. They have currently given us sponging students £24 billion, and this is set to rise to £70 billion by 2016. Something tells me they didn't consider that factor in their plan.

Serves them right. They know that reducing the number of available university places would cause uproar among the student population, so it's unlikely that's going to happen. Oh to live in Scotland, without this education fiasco. Student Finance is bad enough as it is, they have proven themselves to be incapable of giving out loans on time resulting in some very meagre existences for starving students.

In my opinion, rather than charging everyone who wants to go to university, there should be stricter controls on who is allowed in. It's a widely known fact that a lot of people go to uni purely for the experience, to live the famed lifestyle of boozing, take aways, lie-ins and more boozing. So why should those people who don't actually give a crap about their degree be allowed to study when other kids who might desperately want to get a better education can't afford it? 

Of course, the partying is a bonus which no young person in their right mind would turn their nose up at. But there's a limit, yes it's a fun, enlightening experience that will provide you with some of the best memories of your life but the point is to get a degree out of it. Remember, that bit of paper that says that you actually learned something in those three years? You wear a fancy hat to collect it?? Ring any bells???

Clich├ęd as it is, we Westerners really do take for granted what we have and don't take advantage of all the options available to us. More students should be grabbing hold of the opportunity to study at a degree level, and make the most of it while they can. 
It may be one big party, but the party's got to end one day. Would you rather it finish with a degree to your name, or with one big debt and no hope for the future.
I know which I'd prefer!


  1. I live in Scotland so I haven't had to pay for my university education so far, but you have a fantastic point! I feel like some people go to uni here not because they want to learn or have a better chance at achieving their career goals, but just to 'have fun', with some students dropping out when they realise the hard work involved! I am so thankful that I don't have to pay for my degree as honestly I don't know how i'd afford it, but i definitely think universities should be more stricter about who they let in. Great post!! x

  2. Although I feel sorry for people who have to pay ridiculous fees now, like my cousins will have to, I think it will benefit the people who have most recently graduated. In recent years the whole degree system seemed to become a bit redundant, degrees didn't really mean anything anymore because so many people were getting them. With less students getting degrees due to not going to uni because of the prices, I reckon degrees will gain more status again and be more of an actual credit to people who have them. But let's face it, the deciding factor in going to uni is for the giggles, if I hadn't have known that I could get drunk on a near daily basis and spend my life playing Lego games, I wouldn't have gone. As I'm sure you know :p Having said that, I'm being proactive, I literally just wrote my CV. Aren't you proud? :) x

  3. Very insightful post. I think it's outrageous that those people that want to further their education won't be able to because of the rise in tuition fees, I know if I was set to be going to university next year, I would definitely consider doing a practical/ vocational something or go straight into a job. Although, I don't know if I'm saying that because I've already experience university! :P
    I also think the government and society puts too much pressure on people going to University, and the need to get a degree. There should be a lot more emphasis on gap-years to widen your horizons before setting yourself up for a degree that you might hate/would be a waste of money/would ultimately end up in partying for the whole 3 years.
    The government definitely has their priorities wrong.

    Great post :) xxxx

  4. Lesley - Ahh you're one of the lucky ones! Glad you agree though, even if you aren't paying for your degree that doesn't give you the right to take for granted it's importance and the opportunity you've been given to have a booze fest!

    Bob - I agree with what you're saying to some extent, however I think employees are aware of the fact that fees are rising, therefore less people will be going to uni. Therefore the fact that there are less people with degrees doesn't necessarily mean they have more credence, or that that person is better for the job, it just means that may be richer! Also I think the redundancy of degrees has been to do with a general change in the employment process, companies acknowledge that it takes much more than qualifications to be suitable for a job. Whereas they once may have hired purely based on a degree, now it's a lot more important what you're like as a person, and how you present yourself. Although I would love to be mad at your for your lifestyle, I can't because I got too much benefit from it :p I am both shocked and proud of you. Now get handing 'em out! <3

    Franky - Thanks :) I agree, I don't think they consider the alternative options to uni and the benefits they can have for young people. Maybe they should fund schemes for students to work abroad, so that we can get a taste of a new culture, broaden our horizons and get a head start on our careers! Perhaps because they're all Oxford/Cambridge graduates this thought doesn't occur to them!
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)


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