A House Is Not A Home

Happy longest day of the year! Now I know why that shift seemed to go on forever...

In 10 days time I will be moving into my new house, to begin life as a third year. Pause to vomit. While I'm not thrilled with the prospect of entering my third and last year of uni, and the inevitable work load that approaches, I am excited for my new abode, which I will be sharing with three lovely friends of mine.

I'm looking forward to a CLEAN and happy house, where I'm sure many a giggle will occur. They joy of two bathrooms is undeniable, especially with four girls competing for shower time. At least if one shower breaks I won't have to wait a WEEK to be clean again. While we're planning for the communal areas of the house to be as girly and pretty as possible (think lots of pink and flowery sparkly things), I'm most excited about customising my private quarters. 

This is my current boudoir. Seeing as it's cream it was easy enough to pick a colour scheme to go in it, and as I'd already got purple sheets I bought curtains, cushions and pictures to match. My talented father very kindly whittled? (I think this is what you do with wood?!) my name for me. Yes, it is Star Wars font. No, I'm not a massive space geek. I'm not sure what made him go for that particular typography but I'm not gonna deny it looks cool!

The corner where my desk is is basically a space for me to shove all the pictures and mementos from over the year. LOL at my old school TV. And the wooden unit is actually pretty ideal for storing basically all my possessions, from my HP books AND DVD'S to my jewellery and make-up. Considering it is leaning forwards at a very precarious 45 degree angle and there are half the screws missing, it's done a good job of housing the majority of my worldly goods for the year.

None of us can really remember what our new house looks like, and there's one bedroom I've yet to see. We're picking numbers out of hat to assign rooms, nice and fair like. I have a vague feeling they're all white...which is good because I want a nice blank surface which I can decorate and customise.

This year I'm going to put a bit more effort into making my room look pretty. While I had it exactly how I wanted it this year, I didn't really have the time or money to think about seriously decorating it. But this year I'll have hopefully saved a bit of dollar from working at Next, and seeing as I won't have the other half's room to frequent I'll be spending all my time in this one.

So I've been scouring various websites and stores for inspiration. Every time I walk into work I have a nosey around the home department, and I've got my eye on a few cute ornaments and wall decorations already. 

My basic idea is quite simple and plain, but with a vintagey-girly twist. I'm a bit obsessed with trees at the moment, so I think they're going to feature heavily in the decoration. I'm not talking a small jungle or anything, but I've seen some pretty jewellery stands and photo frames that I'm quite keen on. A bit of gingham wouldn't go amiss either, reminiscent of the bedroom I shared with my sister way back in the past, where pink check adorned the windows and beds. I am quite a tidy person, but I want a really minimal room in the new house, with lots of storage to hide most of my clutter.

Here are some of the ideas which I'm hearting. As soon as I get in there and find out which rooms mine I can't start making some more definite decisions. EXCITED.

I really like the wall art in these next two, I've currently commission my dad to start work on another wooden wall decoration but he is being goddamn slow about it. (HINT HINT)

These next two are just for fun. Though, I am very tempted by the last one... if I wasn't certain it would make me a social recluse I'd be buying broomsticks like nobodies business...


All images sourced from weheartit.com


  1. i love how your name is written on wall of your room :) great blog! im your new follower i hope you'll follow back!!

  2. I remember moving into my third year house, it was by far the best house we found, but we only had one bathroom and we were all on the same course. Surprisingly there weren't any queues for the bathroom in the morning!

    Good luck with the move!

  3. ohh great inspiration! looove that 'dream' photo with the fairy lights, so simple i love it

  4. Thanks! Dads do come in useful don't they! ;)

    Saaaame, it's actually a NICE house in comparison to the crud-hole I love in atm...Wow, you must have timed things well!!
    Thank you love, found out today we can move in a day earlier so even more excited! :D

    It's so pretty isn't it! I might do something like it with my fairy lights, get the father back on the whittling again! ;)



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