When We Were Young

In the few days I've been home, I've had the chance to rekindle my romance with the sofa, along with a cheeky affair with my secret lover - Sky TV. Due to this sickening weather (I guess it's Autumn now?!) I haven't dared venture further than from kitchen to lounge. So alongside a mammoth array of treats and snacks that wouldn't be out of place at a kid's birthday party, I've been channel-flicking to my heart's content. And I'm not ashamed to admit that when left along in the company of the 40" HD wonder it's been the Kids stations that my focus has been fixed on.

My conclusion after two days of avid viewing - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KID'S TV?!

Even after the classic shows like Saved By The Bell (hands up if you fancied Zack Morris and knew all the words to the theme-tune) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch (it all went downhill when she went to college) left our screens, us 90's kids still had a whole host of awesome cartoons to keep us going. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, CITV, CBBC and the Disney Channel all had their own superb offerings, that made the walk home from school more of a sprint. Nickelodeon gave us Angry Beavers and CatDog, Cartoon Network had Dexter's Laboratory and Johnny Bravo, terrestrial competitors CITV introduced us to the multiple shaped heads of Hey Arnold and the time travels of Bernard's Watch and CBBC brought Arthur and his array of animal pals to the table. Some of my personal favourites came from the Disney Channel, with Recess and Pepper Ann. I wanted to be an 'Ashley' so badly but unfortunately always resembled more of a Gretchen...

The list goes on and on, and that's not even including the weekends! Those were the Mecca of kids TV, where we came to worship at the altar of whole mornings dedicated to fuelling our desire for cartoons, competitions and cheesy comedy presenters. Before she was a top radio DJ and style icon, Fearne Cotton was giving us our dose of morning television on Diggin It (formally known as Diggit). Live & Kicking gave it their best but sorry Zoe and Jamie, my heart always lay with SMTV. They may have gone on to present Britain's Got Talent and had a variety of successful Saturday night shows, but to me, Ant and Dec will always be known as two thirds of the trio that made up the hilarious Chums, alongside TV goddess Cat Deeley. This is where the phenomenon that was Pokemon aired each week, and I'm talking the original Pokemon, just Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket, none of the fancy other trainers that came into the show as the years rolled on. And who can forget the institution that was 'Wonky Donkey'. The highlight of the weekend to be sure.

I'm almost weeping with tears of nostalgia right now, who doesn't miss being a kid, especially in my day! Wow, I'll be on a zimmer frame before long at this rate. 

I really do pity the kids of today, and generations to come. The pile of drivel they have to watch these days is nothing compared to the colourful, wacky, crazy, fun and slightly disturbing (you've got to admit the Cow and Chicken a very peculiar concept) array of friends we made during our childhood. Everything seems to be based around Disney teenie boppers like Demi Lovato these days, who seem more focussed on boosting their careers than producing a credible television show.

Bring back the re-runs I say! I watch enough Friends repeats, I can definitely make time for some cartoon classics in my life. Now I only need to wait a couple more hours before Season One of Clarissa Explains It All finishes downloading (thanks to seeing a mention of it on Facey B earlier today) and I can re-live the good ol' days of yonder. All I need now are the Jelly Shoes...


  1. Oh my goodness, I completely agree with this post!! How I loved the tv shows we had!!

  2. seriously since having a child pretty much all i do all day is watch cbeebies with her. most of it is utter crapola! its alright cos my daughters only 1 but the programs for older children & teens are a joke! sm:tv was my life! i used to love that clip where dec dresses up as misty from pokemon and assaults brian from westlife haha! xx

  3. They were SO good, I loved them at the time but recently I've realised how lucky we had it!

    Aww I hope by the time she's a bit older there's something better on screen for her! It's ridiculous isn't it, no wonder kids have turned to computer games! Hahaaa oh god that was classic, I literally would give anything to have that back on my TV!

  4. did you watch the Queens Nose!!?? that show was amazing!! defo would have done anything for that 50p. love this post babes xxxx

  5. Anonymous20/6/11 20:46

    I loved Sabrina the Teenage witch so much and two of a kind!
    I was gutted when they took it off nickleodeon!haha

    I'm following you now,


    LAura x


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