Hot Summer

Apologies in advance for any spelling errors, but my hands are melting. In fact, I fear that before the end of this post they will have fused with the keys of my laptop, rendering me a rubbish version of Edward Scissorhands, unable to cut hair but instead thrusting my useless computer in people's faces. I wonder if when it crashes (as is becoming a more regular occurrence these days) I too will shut down...

So yes, hello sunshine blah blah blah. I've had enough of you now, kindly leave. It did give me the opportunity to go virtual bikini shopping though, as actual shopping would have meant moving which was much too arduous of a task today. I'm not actually going on any lovely exotic beach holidays, Hylands Park is about as exciting as it's gonna get for me, but a girl can still look! And we may have a car park instead of a back garden next year but who likes grass any way? It just means more ants, which no one wants. 

Definitely a fan of Topshop's offerings, I've yet to introduce any crazy cartoon print items into my wardrobe but I feel it's going to happen soon.

While you peruse those beachy beauties, have a listen to one of my favourite summer songs...


P.S. We picked up our puppy Leela today :D A picture-filled post of cuteness is to come in the very near future.


  1. those ice cream looks so yummy!! and cute bathing suits <3

  2. lovely blog :) x

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