You little minx

So what happened to our summer then? This is not what May is about. I'm shivering in shorts AND tights as I stare out at a miserable grey sky. Cue buckets of rain.

In an attempt to brighten up my day and after treating Hector to a lovely clean cage I'm sat at my desk painting my nails. Unfortunately for me while I'm not totally lacking in creativity, I am not at all ambidextrous. So I can quite successfully decorate the nails on my left hand with a variety of clever patterns and pictures, however my right hand is always a disaster zone, with more polish on my skin that my actual nails. Thank god for Mr Barry M, who's nail effects has allowed me to give my nails the WOW factor with minimal effort.

While looking for nail inspiration (all be it ideas that I could never in a million years imitate on myself) I came across some amazing sets of talons. This isn't just a lick of polish, it's pure art.

OK, the length may be a tad impractical for daily life but these are so amazing! The Super Mario ones are so awesome, being somewhat of a gaming fan I would definitely get my geek on with these. 

I'm very excited for next year (well, July) because one of my new house mates Eveey is going to do a training course in Minx nails.
You've almost definitely heard of this recent beauty phenomenon which "extends fashion to your fingertips".
Everyone's favourite quirky fashionista and pop-star Katy Perry recently sported some 'romantic' nail art, which took the idea of carrying around a picture of your lover one step further...

They work like transfers, meaning you can have any image printed onto your fingertips. While I may not go around with my boyfriend's face on the ends of my hands, I'm looking forward to getting much more creative with my nails. 

I won't be putting David Cameron's face anyway near my hands though...

Being quite a thoroughly lazy person I usually wait until every speck of varnish chips away before I resign myself to getting out my polishes. Recently I've been a lot better on the upkeep, mainly because of the limitless free time I have now Uni has finished. It definitely can complete an outfit though, and complementing colours show that you've made that little bit more effort. Bring on coordinating nails with every outfit come third year, thanks in advance Eve! 

(All images sourced from good ol' Google)


  1. I love those minx things but i'm never putting Obama on my nails lol.

  2. Wow those nails in the first picture look amazing, but there's just no way she did them herself. I really want to try some nail transfers because I'm terrible at painting my right hand, and I'm sure this would be soooo much easier.

    You have a really cute blog so I've joined your followers :) xxx

  3. Yona - its taking loving your country to a whole new level isn't it!

    Victoria - definitely, that must have taken some hardworking person a hell of a long time to do! Saaame here! I can't wait for housemate to complete her training in minx!
    Thanks love, same to you! :) x

  4. wow love the soft drinks brand nails! Wow is that even correct english?! :P



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